This has become part of an ongoing series.
i…. A sister-in-law isn’t involved, until she is.
ii… Lies require considerable attention and maintenance, while the truth is waiting to be recognized.

After no word from anyone on the Chrissie matter, my brother arrived tonight. I hadn’t seen him since the shouting match on July 23rd where he threatened me with lawsuits, and involuntary commitment, because of what HE had done at his wife’s ‘direction’ in violation of court orders, and purporting to be on my behalf, when my directions were clearly to stay out and my directions were documented in a Petition to the Court.

Tonight, it was revealed that while his wife had sent him to me on July 23rd to threaten and shout for writing about Chris’ part in the events that week… AT THE VERY SAME TIME, the ‘uninvolved’ Chris was back at my house loading boxes of I-don’t-know-what at the request of Sonya.

Chris has done NOTHING for me in 6 years. She barely speaks to me. She directs my brother not to speak to me or contact me. AND NOW SHE JUST CAN’T KEEP OUT OF SONYA’s DIVORCE. I have accused her of being involved before and have been met with denials, and lies. How remarkable is it that at the same moments where she has sent her husband to yell at me for documenting her ‘involvement’, she is actually loading boxes from my house into her garage.

Her actions will only allow for Angst & Angst to create more chaos. They intentionally create the chaos, fraud and lies. Managing that chaos is difficult when they present in a court that will never listen to the truth, or a full sentence, or a full paragraph, or a full story. The recent transcript was 20 pages over the estimate because of the volume of interruptions to every statement I made during the proceeding.

They then indicate they are helping me. Really? Acting on Sonya’s request, in direct contradiction to my wishes and the court orders. How is that helping me? I directed John to return the stolen items to MY house.

I own the house. I am ordered to pay the mortgage on it (based on an invalid and malicious order). The court documents indicate I must store my items at the house. I am not permitted to remove them as i may not acccess the house. Court Documents indicate that my things are to stay at the house. Of course, my wife hasn’t followed any court order or document yet, so why would she start now.

Sonya has refused to split property. She prefers to throw my items in trash bags and have them delivered and includes a trunk sent full of shredded paper and mouse feces.

Sonya’s lawyer filed for arbitration immediately in May. That has STILL not been scheduled. I reminded Bruce Goldenberg in a letter 2 weeks ago that he has not scheduled the arbitration, and it is now approaching 3 months since that was requested by Angst & Angst and it remains unscheduled.

To further add insult to injurious actions, John starts shouting tonight how he and his wife are meeting with a lawyer to sue me for writing the prior article. He then threatens to attempt to have me locked up because I am the crazy one. I admit I am a sane man in a crazy situation, where everyone in a position to help has been manipulated to act against me. (I originally wrote that sentence almost 5 years ago, and people still get manipulated by Sonya and her lawyers.)

I’ve been brought into court for liable and slander already, by my son, Colin. Colin lost, and mispronounced ‘libelous’ which actually was far more embarassing for me as his father than being wrongly accused and brought to court. I didn’t counterpetition against my son, who was clearly manipulated into his misguided action. He was hurting enough and just striking out.

The most involved ‘uninvolved sister-in-law’ is not likely to get that same courtesy…

I’ve made these statements before,… They will use you. They will manipulate you. They will let you assume all liability for YOUR actions at their request. They will throw you under the bus and let it destroy you. They can’t be held accountable for YOUR misdeeds, even if they asked you to do it. They have done it to 8 judges, 2 masters, 3 detectives, 1 police officer and several software companies, and even more people than I am probably aware of. They are out to cover their own ass, and don’t give a second thought to yours.

Your time with the lawyer might be better spent asking him to contact the Attorney General of Pennsylvania and reporting what you have known for the last 6 years and bringing this terroristic divorce to a conclusion with the real criminals behind bars.

For 6 years I have been met with accusations of ‘crazy’ EVERYTIME I proved something that was occurring. I accepted the accusation as confirmation that I was correct and my evidence was solid. The accusations of ME being crazy, are clearly becoming more and more outrageous.

I have appreciated the support my brother gave. I knew he was frequently hiding that support from his wife. It seems everyone lies to Chrissie, it is easier to lie to her and deal with getting caught than to tell her the truth. I never placed my brother in a position against his wife. I never exposed how much help and support he was providing. But whenever Chrissie realized I was contacting him, he asked me to stop texting, or calling.

John still checked in, but don’t let Chrissie know because she wants to stay uninvolved.


If the biggest cyber threat the US has to worry about is China, then why have many government agencies secured their computers, laptops and networks using InterGuard from Awareness Technologies? (link)

Awareness Technologies is a company with direct connections to China. I’m re-checking my notes for the name of their parent company based in China. I traced this when the initial intrusions onto my computer were happening from Asia, with a great deal coming in from China. Why would the Chinese want to control my computer? That never made any sense. But I was also providing them with R&D. They were able to see everything I was doing to attempt to escape their surveillance program.

Awareness Technologies grew when they took a known virus/spyware program (ULTRAVIEW) and branded it as WebWatcher. This branding and marketing resulted in the anti-virus companies no longer detecting, preventing or removing the malicious code. The branding gave their illegal spyware some credibility and removed them from the virus/spyware list. Stealth spyware, with all of the invisibility of their programming, hiding in plain sight.

The WebWatcher program permits full remote control, surveillance, obfuscation, redirection and filtering. It can be installed invisibly without the target doing anything to cause the install. It is not invisible, though it has a suite of programs and actions it uses to hide from detection. Many of the WebWatcher surveillance program routines are written in Chinese.

It seems strange that the media is claiming China is the biggest cyber threat, and the government is securing their computers with chinese programming.

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