There have been 5 years of clues. There is no escaping the program that has full control of your computer allowing remote access and control, providing all passwords to whomever while they block or obfuscate any attempts to escape their control or resolve any issue.

The clues are in your face everyday. You deal with them. You have come to expect them. No one helps because you cannot break through their control and blockages. They see everything you do and can reverse or redirect anything you are doing to prevent your escape, or to prevent your survival.

No surprise when… the following message appears

“You are using an insecure browser! It looks like you are using an insecure version of Internet Explorer. Using an outdated browser makes your computer unsafe. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser.”

I had noticed the changes in the toolbars, the scaling of the screen, the subtle changes to settings I had not touched. Am I surprised? Of course not. Is there anything I can do about it. No.

I have been a targeted victim of remote control, surveillance and redirection/obfuscation software since February 2007. Initially installed on my computers by my wife, at the suggestion of her attorneys, as she planned a divorce. In July 2007, I discovered an illegally installed copy of Web Watcher Installed on my computers. It had destroyed my business. It had affected my banking. It has destroyed my life.

Reported months before to Awareness Technologies of Marina Del Rey California, they denied it. They lied. Weeks later after using software tools I had collected during my 20 years in the Information Technology field, I proved it. It made no difference. They had begun a campaign of technological terror that would continue for the next 5 years, and as evidenced, still continues today.

They stepped up their game hiring private investigators to handle the local work. I was forced to be a spectator to the intrusions. The private investigator was above the law. Local police would do nothing to stop him. I could be further victimized and there would be no repercussions. The team of attackers was growing. The team of people to cover up a single crime, would grow over 5 years to include multiple levels of law enforcement, eight county judges, several software companies, and everyone they could leverage in the battle to keep the crime and their involvement in the additional criminal acts and injustices from being exposed.

The private investigator was also a contractor in the local war on drugs. It would seem the PI managed the informants and the investigators. To cover the crime. they would attempt to set me up as something I am not. Repeatedly failing to entrap me into illegal activities, they provided the clues of their actions which revealed their unethical and corrupt actions. Noticing the actions of teams of people over 5 years time, I realized that the information I now possessed threatened the operations of the Montgomery County Drug Task Force. The Drug Task Force had become the paramilitary arm of the Court of Common Pleas.

My experience was a direct threat to their efforts to continue their illegal activities while purporting to be fighting crime.

I survived 5 years of constant intrusions, inexplicable non-response of law enforcement, injustices which only caused further injustices in the court which have resulted in the June 2011 eviction from my home causing me to be homeless while ordering me to continue to be responsible for all household expenses. I am sincerely alone and on the brink of suicide. I am writing this article and the notice pops up that the browser is not secure. Really? What’s the point? A reminder that there is no escape from the terror… even as i pray for a peaceful exit from life. I am taunted.

There has been no help from any source in 5 years as my life disintegrated. I am stuck in an insecure life. Everywhere I look I am reminded I am unsafe. There is no security. I have lived in fear for 5 years. I persevered. The truth cannot be heard when all forces are working to prevent it. I pray for a peaceful exit from a system that has targeted a survivor for destruction.

There is no exit…

The experience is documented on a web site called A Terroristic Divorce (http://www.work2bdone.com/live) or GOOGLE: terroristic divorce or FACEBOOK: A TERRORISTIC DIVORCE.

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