The SFC (System File Checker) program may run and report no errors in your system files.

The surveillance software is using a routine which hides all of the files involved with its program when any access is attempted, or you click on the folder to open it. This is usually immedaitely noticeable because in a folder where there are alot of hidden files, the hourglass will come up for a few seconds. If your anti-virus program never ends, consider that it may be continuing to chase the moving files until they stop moving (They won’t) or you shut down the scan or reboot. Leaving your system infected.

When System File Checker runs and find problems in your files which it cannot repair, you have to read a HUGE log file to find the notation of the file which it has detected is bad. You then have to find a clean copy of that file and replace it. OH and as soon as you leave the folder, the hide-and-seek program will overwrite it with the surveillance program”s version of the file.

Is Microsoft really keeping your computer secure when they have built in so many ways for their program files to be corrupted and hidden from you? And they have failed to provide any trustable method to obtain the file from their own site.

Another item that you definitely cannot trust… is anything marked with the word TRUST. Like TRUSTED INSTALLER. The designers of this software to protect your children from the bad guys on the internet have thrown your computer security out the window. One of the first things their installer does is install the routines to secretly corrupt the security that Microsoft has complicated beyond any reason. How about locking the files down and preventing them from beng corrupted? Is that such a crazy concept?

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