Permit me to explain the actions of Judge Carluccio along with what could motivate her unconscionable actions.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio has demonstrated by her actions, in her own words, and her Court Orders, the unwillingness to hear any testimony since the submission of a document in early March 2011 which documented and provided exhibits and evidence of the judicial misconduct of the prior judges assigned to my case.

All hearings which would permit testimony relating to the juducial misconduct were prevented from that day forward.

The failure of the Court to enforce compliance of my wife extended the impunity she has been allowed for the last 5 years without explanation.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio has done so while preventing an appeal of her orders. Because they are invalid, they are not final, and cannot be appealed to a higher court until she has had the opportunity to reconsider.

When filed as an Energency Petition, Judge Carolyn Carluccio denied the Emergency.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio waited 3 weeks to schedule the hearing 3 weeks later on July 18, 2011.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio did not consider it an emergency that her Order causes the Defendant to be homeless.

The clear malice, foresight and intent of Judge Carolyn Carluccio is to further terrorize the victim of 5 years of judicial injustice and to force the victim to appear in front of her expecting justice. In the last 5 years, the injustice suffered by the victim has cost him everything without explanation. He survived it. He documented it. He presented it to the Court. Judge Carolyn Carluccio has heard the testimony of the impact 5 years of divorce litigation has had on the Defendant. She heard testimony that everything has been taken from him without explanation.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio never heard the testimony regarding the extreme judicial misconduct from the witness stand. This permits her to ignore what was written in the documents. That’s the way things work. You have to say it in the courtroom to have the judge ‘hear’ you. The purpose of the ‘hearing’. And why Judge Carluccio has prevented any further hearings in this case in violation of procedure, in violation of the law, and in violation of the rights of the Defendant – who has been the victim of extreme judicial misconduct and injustice.

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