Well, could that man in the truck parked in front of the house for the last few days for 2 hours at a time in 100 degree heat have been hacking my laptop? Hmmmm? He’s not napping? or doing electrical work? Just seems to be watching the house.

It seems, that even after I uninstalled and reinstalled Internet Explorer the last time I got this warning, like last week, well turns out my copy is outdated again.

MICROSOFT, WOULD YOU PLEASE UPDATE YOUR SECURITY? The world depends on you and if it is this easy to hack me repeatedly over a 5 years period, the holes in the security programs must be HUGE, MASSIVE, or the myth of security is starting to crumble.

Has anyone else wondered by the NEWS OF THE WORLD only hacked phones? You think they didn’t bother to hack computers?
Or is it just that the world isn’t ready to find out that there is no REAL computer security.

Verizon Wireless, I know you don’t do anything to protect your customers from being hacked. i’m sure Verizon isn;t alone in that. The phone hack is between the manufacturer code (or operating system) and the Verizon front end code which they control. Time to plug those major security holes in the cell phone business… OR are we destined to continue to hear about silliness like princes who aspire to be feminine hygiene products?

McAfee, Norton, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, secure the computers like you purport to be doing. Reveal the surveillance programs and secure the programs and STOP HIDING BEHIND THE NOTION OF CHILDREN FINDING OUT THEIR PARENTS DO NOT TRUST THEM. Children can always tell when a parent doesn’t trust them anyway. Don’t permit the crimes to happen under the notion that you are protecting children. BE RESPONSIBLE. DO THE RIGHT THING.

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