In 2007, I was in contact with Guilherme and presented the disaster that was being caused in my life because of an illegally installed surveillance/remote control/obfuscation program called Web Watcher.

His information was good. His understanding of the misuse issues was good with an exception.

When a lawyer tells a client to install it, and you detect the installation, the lawyer will manipulate everyone in any position to avoid any prosecution. They will hire a private investigator to attempt to set up crimes, and make false reports, manipulate the police into the wrong actions and leave me in a position where no one will help. No one can help.

My life has been constant terror and harassment since February 2007 when WebWatcher was illegally installed on my computers.

Surviving the false allegations, the legal corruption, the injustice has only permitted them to terrorize me further.

A $100 software package has completely annihilated my life. I am now homeless, sleeping on a couch, crying all day every day at the isolation and abandonment of everyone who could no longer watch what they were doing to me.

No one has helped me in 5 years. I am no whacko. My case and much of the story is at www.work2bdone.com/live or GOOGLE: terroristic divorce

I know there was nothing that could be done to help years ago. I am trying again because I am so desperate and don;t think I could possibly explain the complete affect of the software intrusion to someone who didn’t have a base knowledge. It has undermined everything in my life.

They have destroyed me because of a $100 software purchase. As a victim of injustice, I have lived another day only to be further victimized. I have no choice but to survive so they can terrorize me further.

I sincerely wish I was capable of suicide. If you read my web site and see what I have survived through, you will realize that is a truly rational thought. There has been no help or releif from any resouce at any time. I am only victimized further every day.

Please Help
Terance Healy

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