John arrives this morning after last night’s shouting and lies some more. Screams and threatens to take me to court.

He’s been sent because Chrissie isn’t happy about the article I posted on the web site last night.

John indicates he was getting calls at 2 in the morning about it. He’s always maintained he never went to the site or talked about it with anyone… So it is strange that anyone would call him in the wee hours of the morning to have a conversation.

Perhaps, it’s another lie, or a demonstration that he has been lying all along about how no one ever goes to read my web site. I never wanted to believe that John was only supporting me because he knew the manipulations going on behind my back

John continues to threaten a lawsuit from him and Chris. He’s not aware of slander and liable laws, or how to allege it. He’s not aware what level of court handles what level of lawsuit. He’s trying to be a bully on a playground, where I’ve been schooled by the bullies before him.

John indicates Chris must report the story to her work because of her security clearance ( an unknown issue to me.)

My article is truthful. Should they choose to litigate it will only provide additional opportunity to reveal the truth.

He says she might get into trouble at work because of it. Apparently not because of what she has said and done, but because I wrote about it? I’m not interested in destroying anyone, I’m just documenting what has happened while I am being attacked and destroyed.

John tells me that the article is all lies. I ask him to point out any inaccurate statements.

He then proceeds to read it out loud line by line and slowly realizes that there are no lies, misstatements, fibs, or false allegations anywhere in the document. He bails about three-quarters of the way through the reading. He was losing the battle and proving my point.

I’ve left Chris’ name off the site for the last few years because she asked me to when I first referred to her during the Burglary story in 2008. I thought it odd that she was so worried that it might affect her career. We never really heard much about what type of work she did. Since there was only one mention of her regarding the burglary, I dropped her name from the article. Even over the years as she became a more complete bitch, I didn’t write anything about her on my site.

I haven’t brought anyone new or involved anyone in the divorce conflict. But Sonya has. The problem has been that once they are involved, the try to act like I brought them into it by exposing their involvement with Sonya. Chris was talking with Sonya early this week. When Chris found out John was at the hearing on Monday, I am sure she wasn’t pleased. John contacted me and told me to not text him. Strange. OK. When he showed up at my mother’s on Thursday I gave him a copy of the latest petition and explained why it was necessary to file it.

I don’t ask John to come to the hearings for my personal benefit. I ask so that my mother doesn’t end up stranded alone in the middle of Norristown should they do anything to prevent me from leaving the courthouse. It has happened.

Sonya has manipulated everyone she involves in the divorce. Everyone seems to align with her voluntarily. Maybe they are all enjoying testing how long they can keep the secrets. They lie about staying in touch with her, yet seem to know her every move.

So many people working against me. WHY?

Sonya has repeatedly brought Chris into situations. Yet, I get accused of involving her… [shaking head] Yea, that’s crazy.

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