Whatever the excuse has been for the last 6 years, I have suffered the destruction of my life under color of law.

Judge Rhonda Daniele issued a secret court order against me in August 2007. From that day forward the courts have been manipulated into further injustice. There is no where else to turn, so I am forced to return to the court for justice, and foolishly expect it to change. There is no escape.

The case has been through 8 judges. Can anyone explain that? I have only ever asked 2 to recuse. One did, the other responded by denying any hearing or opportunity to testify and further order me to be homeless. An order issued out of fear that I might be provided the chance to testify to the corruption of the court which I documented in March.

That has been averted only because I spend most days crying at the despair and lack of hope. BECAUSE NO ONE HAS DONE ANYTHING TO HELP ME IN 6 YEARS.

I suffered alone… with spectators watching from the distance but not doing anything.

I am tired of people saying there is nothing they can do. I am not the first person to be destroyed in this manner, I have heard every excuse for not taking any action. I can’t believe that in the entire world, no one would help.

I pray you never find yourself in this type of situation. Living each day only to be further victimized. ALONE.

I have no choice. My death or their prosecution is the only exit. And they can continue to attack and destroy me the more I survive, the more victimized I become.

Please get involved. Demand an investigation. Save a man from destruction.

Google: Terroristic Divorce

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