I am turning to you because I have been unable to receive a response from law enforcement at any level.

A lawyer advised my wife to install surveillance software illegally on my computers in January 2007 while planning a divorce.

I detected the software and requested that Awareness Technologies remove it from my computers in May 2007. Awareness Technologies denied it was their program.

Six weeks later I proved the software was WebWatcher, secured all hard disks and again contacted Awareness Technoliogies who refused to cooperate with removal

I believe at this time, the lawyer contacted a local private investigator to become involved. The impunity allowed to the private investigator would conceal the initial intrusion.

I reported the intrusion to local police and the FBI in July 2007. Local Police indicated they could do nothing to help.

In August 2007, Local police arrived at my house purporting to folow up on the computer intrusion report. Police however, had a copy of my computer screen which indicated they knew who was behind the surveillance program. Instead of resolving the computer surveilance issue, the officer had me involuntarily committed to a county psych ward. The officer did so in violation of PA law and procedure, there was no danger, no threat, no hostility, no history of violence or aggression.

What I have experienced and survived for the last 5 years has been a constant campaign of litigation, harassment and injustice. I have persevered through all of the court dates where the disregard for the law was apparent. I do not like to generalize. I assure you I am not exaggerating the level of injustice I have experienced. The case has been through 8 judges and over 300 docket entries.

The injustice was never hidden. The judges wrote orders which violated my constitutional rights. The judges have inexpicably granted my wife impunity to disregard any court order. Again, this is not an exaggeration or generalization.

After 5 years of what I have called a “terroristic divorce” Judge Carolyn Carluccio has acted with complete disregard for the procedure and law. When Judge Carluccio came onto the case in December 2010 there were 9 outstanding petitions. Those petitions were scheduled in January 2011 for hearings on June 1-2, 2011.

However, everything changed when my wife filed an Ermergency Petition in February 2011. While it was apparent that i was not being provided time to prepare a response (4 days), when I was able to prepare a response and counterpetition which contained 26 pages of text and 100 pages of exhibits to support those statements all hearings were off. That document was a well organized collection of counts relating to the Plaintiff and her attorneys actions in the case. Additionally, a review of the exhibits would reveal the participation of the prior judges in the injustice I have suffered. Judge Carluccio began schedule games and issued orders where there had been no hearings. The issues continue unresolved while I wait to address the invalid order issued which forced me out of my home on June 9. An Order intentionally crafted making it invalid and not final so as not to permit appeal, and forcing me to return to the same court for reversal. After 5 years of local police indicating they did not get involved in enforcing court orders unless it was specifically ordered by a judge, I went to the police to explain the situation, with the Request for Reconsideratioon paperwork to find that the local police were prepared to arrest me if I did not comply with the order.

Fearful of being jailed, after surviving 5 years of fear, terror, litigation, harassment, I left my home. The judge waited weeks to schedule a hearing on reconsideration, ansd scheduled it for July 18 2011. Removing me from my home would seriously impact my ability to prepare or respond to the Court. It would additionally permit the home to be destroyed by my wife.

I had done nothing to deserve this action by the judge. I had maintained the home for 5 years since my wife had abandoned the home. I had survived being unemployeed, financially destroyed, my business closed, my clients impacted directly, my children disappearing and any custody proceeding being delayed for years until my son turned 18. There had never been any explanation for their actions,

I have survived the complete destruction of my life for the last 5 years knowing that the truth would be presented and there would be justice. I have found that when Judge Rhonda Daniele issued an Order with any formal proceeding, additionally failing to docket the order or distribute it to me, and failed to distribute to me. The Order was dated August 22, 2007. THAT order has undermined every proceeding in my case and slandered me. The injustice which occured before the parties ever entered any courtroom, has been the cause for repeated injustice. When the Order was discovered there was no hope of justice. A victim of injustice is doomed to be further victimized. I have experienced it. i have documented it. It is in the Court Docket 2007-12477. It is on a web site.

Visitors to my web site constantly remark that they can’t do that. They apparently can do anything. There is no oversight. And there has been no help. I implore you to become involved and investigate and hold the judges and lawyers accountable. While I understand that they prefer to extend courtesies to law enforcement. The failure to act on the criminal use of a $100 software package has resulted in the destruction of my extended family. and has terrorized and harassed and isolated me. I have persevered only to discover that the evidence of the judges participation in conspiracy corruption and injustice results in my homelessness and the loss of everything I tried to protect.

I implore you to help. I beg. I have asked everywhere and found that when an injustice occurs there is no one who will help. I know this to be true as I lived the experience of being uinable to find help.

The case is documented at http://www.work2bdone.com/live or GOOGLE: Terroristic Divorce

I sincerely beg,

Terance Healy

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