Bear in mind that the petitions before the Court are short and simple. It is not a prerequisite to read the Petitions upon which the hearing was based. Truth and Facts are not relevant to injustice, corruption, conspiracy and coverup.

1. Petition to Vacate The Order of May 9, 2011 for Lack of Jurisdiction

2. Petition requesting Scheduling of Unresolved Claims

3. Emergency Request for Injunction to Stay/Vacate the Order of May 9, 2011 for Lack of Jurisdiction

4. Their Response and Counter Petition for Sanctions

The Short List hearing was scheduled for 1:30 PM. The proceeding began at 3:12PM (just about 2 hours late).

A couple of things worth noting
a) During the proceeding there were 6 Deputies standing behind me. I never looked to see them. I only noticed the one on my left who handed paperwork back and forth.
b) Interesting to note that just about EVERY statement I make is interrupted (–). It doesn’t matter if I am asking a question, making a statement or answering a direct question. I am interrupted. This is a tactic to throw a person off their train of thought.
c) They change the subject CONSTANTLY to issues which are not before the court.
d) The judge eventually issues an order which she refuses to put in writing. Even when called to her attention, she refuses to put the order in writing. Another tactic, to place me in jeopardy, and to protect them from themselves.

Read for yourself, If the Judge would simply follow the law and procedure, the issues would resolve. BUT, THE FACTS WOULD REVEAL THE INJUSTICE AND THE CORRUPTION OF THE 8 PRIOR JUDGES (except Judge Dickman) ASSIGNED TO THE CASE – AND DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN THE CONSPIRACY AND COVERUP.


An ANNOTATED COPY IS AVAILABLE HERE. Any Pro Se Defendant might find it useful to read an actual transcript which demonstrates the tactics used against non-lawyers. The annotation will point out the tactics directly, and also indicate a few counter actions one can take.

I guarantee you will feel the chaos they cause on every page. Bear in mind, every statement when Ms Angst is speaking is misrepresenting the facts.

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