Their prosecution or my death are the only exits from this situation. I have been aware of this for years. But, anyone in a position to help has been manipulated into inaction, or wrongdoing, and prevented from helping because of their own liabilities. I survive each day only to be further victimized until someone enforces the law and addresses their abuse of power.

The judge’s assigned to this case have intentionally inflicted emotional distress under color of law
A heinous offense occured in the beginning by Judge Rhonda Daniele issuing her SECRET ORDER of August 22, 2007. That action required the complicity and active partitipation of the judges to maintain the secret. The recent actions of Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio, when presented with the misdeeds of the prior judges in March 2011, maliciously issuing an order which demonstrated an unfathomable bias while purporting to be ‘equitable’. Doing so in violation of law, and then delaying any hearing on the matter for another 6 weeks and preventing any appeal in the meantime.

Judge Carluccio ORDERED me to be homeless,
while I owned an unoccupied house I may not live in,
while responsible for the $2600 mortgage,
while responsible for all of the bills associated with the house,
while not permitted any access or say in what happens at the house,
while my wife vandalizes ‘our’ home which she abandoned in May 2007,
permitting my wife to remove any marital assets from the house.

Judge Carluccio has acted in violation of law and procedure to prevent hearings regarding enforcement of Court Orders because ‘those things happened in the past’ and are not relevant. (????)
Not only have those ‘things’ happened in the past, they are happening in the present, and will happen in the future. Judge Carluccio has created an entirely new branch of justice that refuses to address or ‘hear’ about past events. Very futuristic. I wonder what this future only court would hear? Things that might occur? may occur? will possibly occur? Laws? Well, The law was written in the past. This is future court. There is no law in Judge Carluccio’s future only courtroom.

Judge Carluccio’s Order demonstrates extreme malice and infliction of emotional distress under color of law while denying any opportunity for a hearing because it would expose the corruption, injustice and complete lack of ethics of herself and of the prior judges, who since 2007 have acted to obstruct, prevent and deny any justice, in violation of their oath during an extended reign of judicial terror.

Judge Carluccio’s actions were intended to induce suicide. Her Order was intended to kill any further exposure of the extreme abuse of power. Her Order was further misconduct under color of law to conceal the prior misconduct of her predecessors. Her order was indicative of the level to which seven judges will act to protect themselves and undermine the integrity of the entire judiciary of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.

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Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
Intentional infliction of emotional distress is a claim for intentional conduct that results in extreme emotional distress.

Necessary elements:
The party acted intentionally or recklessly; and
The party’s conduct was extreme and outrageous; and
The party’s act is the cause of the distress; and
The victim suffers severe emotional distress as a result of defendant’s conduct.

Intentional or Reckless
The intent of the act need not be to bring about emotional distress. A reckless disregard for the likelihood of causing emotional distress is sufficient.

Extreme and Outrageous
The conduct must be heinous and beyond the standards of civilized decency or utterly intolerable in a civilized society: the conduct must be such that it would cause a reasonable person to exclaim “Outrageous!” in response.

Some general factors that the conduct was extreme and outrageous
(1) there was a pattern of conduct, not just an isolated incident;
(2) the victim was vulnerable and the party knew it;
(3) the party was in a position of power;
(4) epithets were used; and
(5) the party owed the victim a fiduciary duty.

In Public
The actions occurred in a public setting.

The actions of the party must have actually caused the victim’s emotional distress.

Emotional Distress
Mental distress or anxiety suffered as a response to a sudden, severe, and saddening experience.
The emotional distress suffered by the victim must be “severe.” This standard is quantified by the intensity, duration, and any physical manifestations of the distress.

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