Every document filed by Angst & Angst requires the judge to further the injustice. Angst & Angst have manipulated an entire courthouse of judges, to buy in, to protect themselves, and to commit further acts of injustice. All designed to terrorize the Defendant.

The Angst’s have done this every time there is a proceeding. They stack the deck for further judicial misconduct, then use that misconduct to further manipulate the judiciary.

In March 2008, Angst & Angst told their client to burglarize the house, and use false documents in the act. At the hearing on that crime commited in violation of several court orders, they demonstrated their corrupt nature by presenting Judge DelRicci with the proof of the initial injustice – The Secret Order of August 22, 2007 signed by Judge Rhonda Daniele.

Judge DelRicci had no choice but to continue the injustice of the secret order. But Angst & Angst pressed the judge to double down. In the course of 15 minutes, Angst & Angst would have the judge commit ethical violations, further ignore their ethical violations, and acts intended to obstruct justice. The icing on the cake was when they convinced the judge to violate my right to freedom of expression – the First Amendment to the Constitution. And Judge DelRicci did it. And of course, Angst & Angst, would go on to fraudulently claim I had failed to follow the unconstitutional order… in front of another judge, during another day of manipulation.

Angst & Angst have once again done the same with Judge Carluccio. Judge Carluccio bought in to protect a member of the Bar Association of which she is president. Judge Carluccio was then coerced into violating all of my rights further to deny any hearings. Judge Carluccio capitulated to the requirements of protecting Angst & Angst.

And here we are again. Angst & Angst petitioning for a hearing, when we know any opportunity for me to tak the stand to testify will be prevented by the judge. So the Angst’s once again are coercing a judge into an illegal, ethical, and manipulative injustice.

Everyone who capitulates to the actions of Angst & Angst is doomed to be thrown under the bus. Once they have finished manipulating the judge, it has always been the Angst’s who have exposed the injustice against the Defendant. They throw it in my face, they include it in subsequent petitions upon which there can be no hearings.

I am the Defendant in a Terroristic Divorce where unethical lawyers without any social conscience have manipulated 7 judges to cover their crimes over a period of 5 years. I have no choice but to persevere and hope for justice… while they take everything from me, and try to destroy my spirit.

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