Does the FBI investigate graft and corruption in local government and in state and local police departments?

Yes. The FBI uses applicable federal laws, including the Hobbs Act, to investigate violations by public officials in federal, state, and local governments. A public official is any person elected, appointed, employed, or otherwise having a duty to maintain honest and faithful public service. Most violations occur when the official solicits, accepts, receives, or agrees to receive something of value in return for influence in the performance of an official act. The categories of public corruption investigated by the FBI include legislative, judicial, regulatory, contractual, and law enforcement.

BUT IN THIS CASE, that police officer has already done that thing to you which we don’t want you to know about or figure out because it was really wrong and efforts are already being coordinated to confuse you and make you believe you are under a Federal investigation for um, something;
when the head of family court, Judge Rhonda Daniele, is the first to violate the rights of the defendant and has done so secretly, in an order they would prefer the defendant not know about, having it hidden in the Prothonotary and not available for review; (If you knew about the order, you might challenge the allegation, prove it false and thereby deny yourself the opportunity to review all of the custody rules for the next 3 years while Judge delRicci schedules delays and runs out the clock until your son is 18 and the court no longer has jurisdiction. Sorry, you should have filed sooner. Perhaps before your wife began planning to surprise you with that divorce. She did have a 5 month head start.)
the defendant is characterized and mocked as ‘the paranoid computer guy” by Judge Thomas delRicci who issues an Order which directly infringes on the Defendant’s First Amendment Rights at the same hearing where he acted to conceal the existence and content of the secret order signed by Judge Daniele.
followed by Judge Emanuel Bertin extending impunity to the Plaintiff to violate any order, miss each deadline, and fail to provide complete and accurate documents ordered in Discovery to conceal some prior judicial indiscretions;
then Judge Carolyn Carluccio clears her desk of all pending petitions in violation of procedure and law, (Well come on. She had to. You filed those documents with truthful statements and evidence and exhibits. Documents like those could put a judge out of work. She is supposed to decide what is true and you took all the fun out of it.), refuses to recuse when presented with her inappropriate actions, and then issues an unappealable ruling which she has crafted so it cannot be appealed to a higher court because it is not a valid final order; she further terrorizes you, makes you homeless, without any medical benefits (or teeth by now), and turns over the house to my “ex”-wife (who had abandoned the home IN WRITING in May 2007…)

The FBI will not become involved and they won’t tell you whether they will or won’t investigate or take any action. Somewhere in the last 5 years of constant litigation, I hadn’t realized that the Judges threw away the rulebook and joined the Plaintiff as an additional party. The absence of the Law from the judge’s rulings is only exaggerated by the fraud, false allegations, perjury and impunity bestowed on the Plaintiff.

Does the FBI investigate computer-related crime?

Yes. The FBI is charged with investigating computer-related crimes involving both criminal acts and national security issues. Examples of criminal acts would be using a computer to commit fraud or using the Internet to transmit obscene material. In the national security area, the FBI investigates criminal matters involving the nation’s computerized banking and financial systems; the various “9-1-1” emergency networks; and telecommunications systems. See our Cyber Crime webpage for more information…

BUT not in this case, because the computer related crimes affected a business and all of the business’s clients. caused identity theft, cost the Defendant thousands of hours to identify, and affected his financial transactions and online banking, requiring all banking to be performed through other people’s unhacked equipment and accounts, and further affected his ability to work or find employment,
because the Defendant removed all existing hard disks and stored them securely, thus denying the Plaintiff the opportunity top place obscene material remotely onto his computers
there’s that thing we don’t want to discuss about the officer, but he may have worked with this tech type guy on a task force that can help maybe.
One might suggest that the involvement of a Private Investigator could prove or conceal the direct involvement of the Plaintiff in the computer crime, OR further evolve into a campaign of electronic harassment to distract the Defendant which has continued for the last several years,
He’s good because his their work experience gained during the years before they retired from the FBI and started doing this detective thing. So he could maybe talk to the guys he worked with and see if he can get them to help 9(wink).

Yea, umm, right, the FBI might want to get involved if it would lead to embarrass the organization to investigate, charge, and prosecute their retirees. Let them continue to victimize you. They won’t stop anyway. We’ll additionally extend the impunity granted to the PI to the Plaintiff so that the plaintiff cannot be forced to reveal what is going on through any discovery Documents, testimony, or encounter, and has no risks in her future litigation.

NO, the FBI has better things to do than worry about the tiny problems which you really don;t have alot of time to pay attention to anyway. They are writing up some dooseies of petitions to help you learn the laws which the judges are not going to apply to your case anyway. Are you still here?

I hope my embellishments to the questions and answers from the FBI website do not discourage you. Perhaps finding help with a smaller, less critical issues. I apologize for the sarcasm. If I didn’t use it, I would only end up crying again. And how can you not cry. These people destroyed you. The people you turned to for help were the people who were destroying you. There is no justice for anyone who has suffered an injustice, and these judges refuse to rule on anything as that would allow an opportunity to appeal to a higher court. The Courts are too busy, so we’ll just keep you spinning through our courtrooms until some judge decides to go all in. She will show you what injustice is. She will issue it, and not permit an appeal, and delay any request for reconsideration until she schedules a hearing in a few more weeks and then decides to recuse leaving you homeless, living out of bags, sleeping on a couch, harassed by technology which hasn’t worked in 5 years (wink), and trying to prepare any Federal Lawsuit against the collection of people who have worked for the last 5 years to destroy you. Yes, good luck trying to do that in time while we order a few more things for you. Ya know, we are truly disappointed we never got the opportunity to lock you up for something (again). Perhaps if you weren’t at home afraid and terrorized and had gone out more. Well, that home’s not a problem for you any longer (except financially and maybe emotionally). She’s been so busy throwing your things out and hiding anything she wants, and fixing it up for herself to sell, that she forgot to list it with a realtor. Where’s that impunity card?

Why are you still here?
“I have to be, I am the Defendant in this divorce. I have been ordered to participate and be further victimized by professionals who resort to games, and tricks, and sneaky manipulations and legal distortions when serving up injustice. I’ve got no choice but to follow the rules and expect justice. You folks have been lawyering all these years, and well shucks, you sure know how to keep yourself entertained, but you never resolve anything. So what flavor of delay is being served today?”

It’s been 5 years, over 300 docket entries, it is time to stop hiding behind the litigious masturbation, wash your hands, and do your job. Justice. Interpret the law, don’t twist it. I expect a judge’s first responsibility is justice, so let’s try that and then you may go back to conspiring to cover up what everyone has been doing for the last 5 years.”

Why are so many judges risking their careers and reputations to terrorize and harass me? It is apparent the court does not care about the family, or the people. If the court cared at all about the kids, they wouldn’t prolong custody cases splitting people apart. If they cared about justice, they wouldn’t ignore the amount of time wasted at the courthouse. Alot of people voted for you to be sitting on that bench. They did not expect you to need you courtroom full of familiar faces each month. Resolve a case. You will get to meet new people. You don’t have to continue to manipulate the same case. I have already seen your demonstration of power. I get it. You are the judge. You can do what you want to me. You can lie and have me surrounded by guards. You can act unethically and I can’t do anythign about it. And if I want it corrected, you have made it so that I have to ask you.

It’s judicial masturbation until satisfied with yourself… or until someone sees what you are doing and there’s a scandal.

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