A sociopath is somebody who exhibits sociopathy, who behaves in a way that suggests a lack of conscience.

Unlike the average human, a sociopath does not feel any sense of guilt or remorse when committing morally wrong actions or actions that their society deems unacceptable. Because of this utter lack of fear for the sanctions of society, sociopaths take advantage of the social system and use manipulation and amoral behaviors to obtain their goals.

The types of behaviors they exhibit are those that would make someone with a conscience uncomfortable.

The words in this definition appear over and over throughout this blog… One has to wonder. I’ve had nothing to gain from publishing this nightmare. I never approached any topic out of malice, anger or threat.

I tried to survive through the divorce, where no one was able to help, where the judges acted without regard to the law, where I was under constant terror of what they would bring down on me next. i did not commit suicide. That was unfortunate for them, it was/is their goal. I do not plan to oblige them.

So… Why?
I suppose it would take someone with a social conscience to answer that… And I have not yet met that person.

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