An Invitiation to Witness Injustice.

Montgomery County Courthouse, Norristown Pennsylvania. Courtroom 11. July 18, 2011 at 1:30 PM.

After 5 years of injustices, Judge Carolyn Carluccio has acted with blatant disregard for the law and procedures. Upon being presented with proof of those injustices committed by 8 judges of the Court of Common Pleas, she further victimized the recipient and cancelled any hearing where their crimes might be presented. Now homeless, the victim must appear at a hearing where only the rule of law and procedures are at question.

Will she recuse? Will she revoke her order? Will she explain why she acted with malice and extreme bias? Will she call for a protracted hearing on the matter and delay any decision? Will she take the matter under advisement?

Any action she takes will reveal her active participation in the injustice conspiracy of the last 5 years. After being notified about the problem with her Order, she has not acted for 6 weeks. The issue was additionally brought to her attention as an Emergency Petition to which she denied emergency status. Homelessness is not an emergency?

Any attempt to write her actions off as a little mistake at this point when she has not acted to remedy the situation and delayed any proceeding for 6 weeks will display the malice she had intended.

Judge Carolyn Carluccio’s actions indicate her intent to prevent the truth from being presented in her courtroom. The cancellation of all hearings prevents the Defendant from testifying to the injustice and the failure of the court to enforce any order against Sonya Healy.

Ordering the defendant homeless, while continuiong to charge him for all expenses of the unoccupied home, which he is not permitted to visit, while his wife takes control of the house and contracts people to remove every trace of his life there – at the Defendant’s expense. Let’s ignore the malice and unfairness of the Equitable Distribution Order. That Order isn’t valid unless attached to a Divorce Decree. Issuing an invalid Divorce Decree permits me to be terrorized emotionally and thrown out on the street. Malice. Injustice. Unfairness. Terror. An attempt to induce a suicide which I have failed to deliver.

Will she try to find a way of disposing of the victim to further attempt to silence him and prevent the truth from being spoken, delivered, documented, and sworn to in her courtroom?

Nothing can be resolved on Monday. The only thing to come out of Monday will be further evidence, in their own actions and words, of the intent of the Montgomery County Judiciary to ignore the law, dismiss procedures, violate the public trust, and embarass the judiciary to beat up one man.

WHAT COULD ONE MAN POSSIBLY HAVE DONE TO CAUSE THE COMPLETE BREAKDOWN OF JUSTICE IN THE COURTROOMS OF 8 COURT OF COMMON PLEAS JUDGES FOR OVER 5 YEARS? The answer eludes me… They picked the wrong man to destroy. Truth is on my side and that’s a powerful tool to battle injustice.

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