Someone… Somewhere… has got to be able to help. PLEASE.

I have been the victim of 5 years of terror. The more I survive, the more victimized I become. They have annihilated my life and I have done nothing to deserve it. I have survived their abuse. Lived with their constant intrusions and illegal actions for every minute of every hour of every day since January 2007. I beg anyone who reads this to help. Get involved. Care. I am not asking just for myself. I am asking so that my mother can get some relief from the incredible stress and emotion associated with being systematically destroyed.

I have been unjustly evicted from my home (since June 9, 2011). While I have been sleeping on a couch at my mother’s house, they have continued their attacks. It has been difficult for my mother to watch what has happened to me since 2007. The helplessness that I feel is mirrored back because we have been unable to find anyone who can help.

Since the divorce began, not one issue has ever been resolved according to the procedure or the law. Not one action of the court has been explained or justified. Each corrupt act has only built upon the previous act to further diminish me. My wife has not been held accountable for any action, crime, or violation of court order. Why?

As the volume of paperwork and research and documents grew, I realized that I needed to be able to escape the constant view of the intrusion into my life. I moved all of the paperwork, the evidence, the exhibits, the hard disks, the 15 boxloads of paperwork, the huge binders of the petitions, everything to do with the case was placed in one room of my home. My divorce room gave me the ability to close the door and escape from the visual reminder of the legal battle and the extreme injustice that had become my life.

In ordering me to vacate the home, Judge Carluccio has taken that away from me. Judge Carluccio’s action is malicious. It is intentional. It is in violation of the law and procedures. It was cleverly done to prevent an appeal. Intended to prevent any escalation to another court. Designed to require me to request justice from the person who has treated me with injustice. I am required to be victimized further.

Judge Carluccio didn’t make an incidental simple error when she issued her orders. Judge Carluccio had crafted her ‘unappealable order’. It was her intent. My wife was explaining to people that there was a legal game and no way I could stop it. I discovered the ‘game’ and filed for the order to be cancelled. Judge Carluccio did not schedule a proceeding. I filed for an Emergency Hearing on the issue. Judge Carluccio denied the Emergency. The court then waited 3 weeks to schedule a short list conference on July 18, 2011. Their legal game would keep me homeless for 6 weeks. Their legal game would allow my wife to destroy my home and everything inside it. I would then have to anticipate justice from the court. An unlikely expectation where I would have no alternative.

The Montgomery Township Police contacted me late on the morning of June 9, 2011 to determine if I was in the home. I was not. I had been ordered to vacate by that date. Officer Gerry Dougherty was already directly involved to see that the invalid order would be executed. The police who had not enforced any court order in the history of the case were there to enforce this one. The police allowed my wife to burglarize the house while presenting an outdated court order; and to abduct my son in direct violation of custody orders; and to remove my son from the US illegally… the police had finally found a court order they would enforce and the officer to enforce it.

A legal game. After 5 years of legal games manipulated by Angst & Angst… after the exposure of the corrupt and secretive actions of the court… after presenting proof of the illegal and unethical actions of the court… the Court has exposed the clear bias and intent to act against me. In August 2010, based on discovery of secretly executed court orders from 2007, I had indicated that I believed the Court had granted impunity to my wife. The Court has never acted to enforce any court order which has been violated by my wife. In violation of procedure and law, Judge Carluccio disregarded a series of hearings on 9 petitions to enforce existing court orders. When brought to her attention, Judge Carluccio again disregarded the issue.

In August 2007, Officer Gerry Dougherty came to my home under the pretense he was investigating the computer intrusion reported in July 2007. Officer Dougherty arrived at my home to investigate something which he had indicated weeks prior as being outside the scope of the township police. Officer Dougherty was responding to a report of a threat that had never been made. Officer Dougherty removed me from my home under false pretenses. I was not arrested or charged with anything at that time or since. I cooperated knowing the police had been contacted by the person or persons behind the reported computer surveillance. Officer Dougherty was manipulated to act against me in violation of PA Law and Civil Procedure by the person or persons behind the illegal computer surveillance. Officer Dougherty could have ended this terroristic experience on August 8, 2007. I believe Officer Dougherty was directed to have me involuntarily committed in an effort to conceal that the police had direct knowledge of who was responsible for the computer intrusion.

I have no malice towards Officer Dougherty. The police were manipulated into their inappropriate actions on that day. The police have been repeatedly unresponsive or manipulated into inaction to any request for assistance or law enforcement since that date. Officer Dougherty did not intend or anticipate his actions on August 8, 2007 would escalate into a non-stop campaign of terror, harassment, litigation and injustice. Officer Dougherty could have chosen to end my continued annihilation at any time in the last five years.

Late in the morning on June 9, 2011, I was disappointed when contacted by Officer Dougherty wanting to know if I had vacated the home according to the order. Where the police have side-stepped any enforcement action or involvement with any court order, Officer Dougherty had again chosen, or been directed, to further victimize the victim. On June 8, 2011, Officer Dougherty had indicated that the police would not become involved unless directed to enforce the order by Judge Carluccio. There has been no entry on the docket of any such order, or request for enforcement.

I have survived all of the unethical, unscrupulous and illegal games for 5 years. I have exposed each tactic as it became evident. I have been forced to a strict adherence to the Rules of Civil Procedure. I have had to learn the law, and the rules, and prepare the petitions myself. I have had to survive the ‘new rules’ created to prevent any further discovery of documents hidden from my knowledge and view. I have had to persevere against unexplained actions of a court which has torn apart my family, my friends, my life.

Everywhere I have turned for help or assistance, I have been ignored. In the last 5 years, not one law enforcement agent, agency, or organization has requested or reviewed any evidence; or conducted any investigation; or questioned the veracity of my allegations. I understand that individuals and organizations must protect themselves from liabilities. Every level of law enforcement has been manipulated into a position of inaction to prevent exposure of inappropriate actions or liabilities. One can only determine that law enforcement knows what is going on and are not interested in doing anything to expose it, help you, or prevent your continued harassment. They will act against you to prevent any resolution which would reveal their own liability, or potentially lead to the exposure of their liability.

I don’t like to imagine the conversations about people who might be discussing how to trick me, fool me or continue the game. I don’t like to use the word game. It is not a game. It is my life. It has been 5 years of my life. It has terrorized and harassed my family for the last 5 years. The humiliation and loss of dignity that I endure while being unable to explain why this is happening undermines everything, except my self-respect.

I have never made any attempt to set anyone up or trick them to reveal what they know. There is no joy in having every aspect of your existence destroyed. I have no choice but to expect justice from people who have already treated me unjustly. For them, it is their job. For me, it is my existence. It is my life being treated with such tremendous disrespect. While I can have respect for the law and still have hope for justice, the character of those judges who have mistreated me with a callous disregard that their actions affect every aspect of my life. Every second of my life. Could anyone be so inhumane as to continue to terrorize and harass someone as part of a legal game? For someone to treat any life with such tremendous disrespect is unimagineable. For eight Court of Common Please judges to have done so reflects on the character of the judiciary, and the justice system which allows it to be done, and a system which acts to hinder unjustly treated from seeking justice.

In the last 5 years, my mother could return to her home and find some relief from the constant impact of the case. I could go to her house to visit her to find a place where I wasn’t seeing a reminder at every turn. It has been a struggle to survive financially and emotionally. The terror has now intruded into her home and the evidence of the nightmare is everywhere. You cannot look anywhere and not see something out of place. A constant reminder. It is undeniable. It is inescapable. Every second of the day and night. I know how difficult it is to survive. Now I watch as it completely envelops my mother’s life.

I beg, someone, somewhere, please help. Get involved. Send a copy of this to anyone you know. I have not been able to find help in 5 years, so I am certain I have not found the one who can fix this. If you have found your way to this document, you may know the right person.

Please help.

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  1. i will pray for you on this matter.keep staying strong!!GOD bless you

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