For the last 5 years, I have had to deal with alot. And anyone who has tried to help has had to face the intrusions into their lives – computer malfunctions, car breakdowns, phone hacks, and pressure to not help.

While my brother John has been a huge help. his wife, Chris, has been constantly on his back to not get involved. UNTIL THIS WEEK, when she coerced him into action. And now we will likely face MORE court dates, and more lies and fraud and harassment and terror because of it.

Chris has known all along about the surveillance software. AFTER ALL IT IS WHAT SHE DOES FOR A CAREER. The only thing anyone does know about her job is that it involves stealth surveillance. There has been evidence that she was aware of the software intrusion into my business and my life in 2007 almost before I proved it.

Her reaction to my finding the evidence made it abundantly clear.

One time, John had loaned me a laptop when they fried the BIOS in my new laptop. I needed to file a response to a 60 page unordered-misnumbered-fraudulent-petition which was missing pages ( in the officially docketed version ) that a lawyer friend of mine told me would destroy me. He said it plainly. I WAS F’D. When I told him it was all lies, he said I still wouldn’t survive. He repeated I WAS F’D. When I filed the response, they seemed very very surprised. They then thought they would trump me with Discovery, which the judge ordered immediately, and OOPS he forgot to date it, or provide any deadline. I had gotten the facts on record, so they did what they usually did, delayed for 2 years of discovery issues, continuances, etc… then Angst & Angst refiled the same petition again and again.

The Angst’s are somewhat well known in the law library for prolonging legal actions until they exasperate their opponent’s patience or coffers. I’ve read the documents where Robert Angst had done so when seeking the insurance money from his brother, sister-in-law and nephew after Thomas Angst killed his pregnant wife, and son, before turning the gun on himself in the mid 90’s.
Would it be entirely too cynical to think that Judge Carluccio refuses to hear any evidence or testimony and rules in their favor thinking they will go away?

Problem is, the second time they filed the petition, I had to borrow the same laptop again to respond. I also had more time, and reviewed the places the spare computer had visited on the web. It hadn’t even been turned on between the 2 times I borrowed it. I also removed the network card so it couldn’t be affected by my hackers when I had it and used it.

Imagine the surprise when the internet access dates and times all coincided to the manipulations of the mortgage payments and the associated petitions filed by Angst & Angst. It also indicated that the laptop had been used to view the surveillance on my computers.

The laptop on several occasions had viewed several hundred ‘pornographic titled’ web sites in under a minute. YES. IN UNDER A MINUTE. Now seriously who scans that much porn that quickly? That is how the surveillance data was distributed and reassembled for viewing – alot of Cross Site Scripting. I still have the data and the dates, and they all matched up.

It was a friend of Chris’s who revealed that the ultrasonic waves could be detected by flourescent tube. That allowed me to confirm the ultrasonic presence in the house. Couldn’t stop it, or the effects, the burns, the heating up of metallic elements, and how it killed my dog who was on the property and susceptible to the waves all day every day. It effectively cooked the dogs internal organs.

When Chris found out I had borrowed the computer the first time. She was out of town and apparently very early in the morning in California, she needed to know where the laptop was and required one of the pcmcia cards in it. I got a call to return it before 8am (Eastern Time). Hmmm? Unlikely excuse. No problem, I returned the whole laptop.

When Chris found out I had the computer the second time, she went PSYCHO. Showing up at my house, pounding on windows, screaming and yelling. She revealed so many things in her rant. In order to keep peace I had to give the computer back to John.

Chris had also been included in the story of the Burglary, because she and John were contacted by my neighbors that it was happening and ran over to the house. When I documented it on my web site, I got a nasty call that I should remove her name. WHY? It didn’t say anything more that she was there. I took her name out of the story. No big deal to accommodate her strong request to be redacted from the story.

Chris has known what Sonya has been doing for over 5 years. She has allowed it to destroy my life, my family, and my existence.

Chris was the one who confirmed the ‘unappealable order of Judge Carolyn Carluccio” story. She had known the tactic to deny any appeal in early May. I only discovered their tactic weeks later, and when I said to John they designed it to waste my time trying to appeal something which is not appealable, he indicated that Chris had told him that too. (But, he had never told me about that.)

Last month, I made a deal with my family to surrender because the emotional nightmare was now enveloping my mother too directly. Homeless and living on her couch. The conditions were simple. No further legal actions against Sonya. Just expose what the judges have done, and file what it takes to survive. I didn’t have to ignore it if they persisted with litigation. John, Joanne, my mother and I all agreed.

AND tonight, John broke that deal at the direction of Chris… who had been talking to Sonya all week… who had told John not to communicate with me this week… And after I provided John with the court paperwork filed yesterday, he did what his wife told him to do.

He went to my house, found boxes of mouse feces, empty FEDEX boxes and empty boxes. He brought them to my mother’s home. He then attempted to lie about what happened to my mother and me. So they now have several witnesses, to him retrieving boxes, loading his van, and driving away.

They will say it was based on the court order, which it wasn’t, but the truth has never mattered to them in the past. He did it because his wife told him to do it.

Because Sonya Healy doesn’t give a damn about whose lives she attacks, affects, or destroys. The setups never cease.

So here’s what they will do next…
– They will probably file an emergency petition with the Court.
– EMERGENCY will be granted, because Judge Carluccio grants them emergency petitions. (Mine when forced to be homeless was NOT AN EMERGENCY.)
– They will then indicate I am in contempt of a court order – which Judge Carluccio refused to put in writing.
– They will indicate I am in contempt of a court order that has to be read from the transcript which may not be available FOR UP TO 2.5 MORE WEEKS.
– They will indicate I filed a frivolous petition yesterday – the petition pointed out the inability to comply with an unwritten order until it was transcribed.
– They will add a few more lies and frauds – because that is what Angst & Angst do best.
– The Judge will refuse to have any hearing and decide based on the lies with no opportunity to defend – as has been her practice since she was assigned the matter.
– The judge will then award sanctions because they were “forced” to return to court to charge me with being in contempt of the unwritten and not yet transcribed order.
– The judge will then indicate that I filed a frivolous petition yesterday and dismiss any hearing – because they MUST deny me any opportunity to be heard. That makes it easy for them to deny the truth.

Will it matter that I met with John last night and showed him the paperwork, and instructed him to not act on my behalf in any regard to the unwritten order. And he agreed to not take any action… BUT THEN Chris got home from her travels early this morning and things somehow changed.

So once again, they have taken someone who helped me, and forced him to be used against me.

Thanks to Christine Marie (Charpentier) Healy, who has known what they were doing for the last 5 years and witnessed the damage and allowed it to happen. You want to be involved in my divorce, then welcome to the story, the blog and the internet.

BTW… Chrissie. I’ve noticed that when you traveled – and you travel alot – that those locations seem to pop up in my web statistics. I’ve never thought to mention that until now. Now you may GOOGLE yourself like the others.

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