Please God. I have tried. I have persevered. I have believed. I am alone. I am afraid. There has been no help. I have done all I can do. I can no longer submit myself to be diminished, destroyed and further victimized. I want to find peace. Even if only for a few seconds. Deliver me from this evil. I beg, I pray.

There is no one anywhere, in any church, or office, or web site that will help. The people who are causing the injustice are the only ones who can make it end. They lack any incentive or motivation to do anything but destroy me further to prevent exposure.

I have lost hope in mankind. No one has acted on my behalf. No one has helped. And I am deserving.

I just want to stop crying, to stop having to be afraid, to have peace.

There is no way to make that happen while under their threat.

Warrington Township Police arrived this afternoon to find me sleeping. I calmly explain the situation. I wish I had the capacity for suicide. I don’t. So I endure another day and suffer the fear and terror of an out of control judiciary. There is no help from attorneys who are equally petrified that their career would be at stake if they spoke out against the judges.

The other evening a friend spoke to an attorney from Montgomery County, who indicated that Judge Carolyn Carluccio was a good judge trapped in this coverup. He also indicated that there is only one judge who could be more cruel in these types of situations. Judge Rhonda Daniele. The Judge who issued a secret undocketed undistributed order on August 22, 2007. The injustice which basically became a death sentence in a 5 year terroristic divorce.

Get involved. Email Gov. Tom Corbett to direct the Attorney General to investigate. Email Address: GovernorsOffice2@state.pa.us Contact them asking for an investigation into 8 judges acting in violation of law and procedure in HEALY v HEALY. Documented at A TERRORISTIC DIVORCE http://www.work2bdone.com/live

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