There is no living when every thought is about my life being stolen from me… accompanied by the fact that no one cared to help. I awake crying alone. I fall asleep crying alone.

I persevered with the truth on my side against incredible injustice. I cried but persevered through it.

When it came time that the Truth would finally be told. Through illegal and unethical actions, Judge Carolyn Carluccio denied my rights, attacked me further by throwing me out of my home, and continued the legal nightmare that has gone on for 5 years.

AND NO ONE HELPED ME OR CARED TO STOP HER. The US fights for Democracry and the rights of people worldwide. In Montgomery County Pennsylvania, I, Terance Healy, a victim of injustice, only survives to be further victimized.
There is little hope that the next day will be different. I have been victimized for over 5 years.

No one has helped me, no one has stopped the injustice, and they have been allowed to continue to victimize me.

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