There is no walking away. There is no backing down… a victim cannot choose to not be victimized.

The bully has to back down. The only way to do that is to find a bigger bully, or shame the bully by exposing their actions to the public.

No one has to get involved directly in my legal case, But if they talk about it, then the word will spread. I do think my case is an extreme example of injustice and corruption gone completely out of control. That alone should make it controversial. Right now, “the handlers” are attempting to send me in two different directions. And when that happens, as it has over 5 years, I can tell I am on the right course.

I just have to survive. Others haven’t made it, or couldn’t prove their story. Mine is solid fact. In their own words and court orders. And that is why they will go to great extremes of additional injustice.

It isn’t personal. It is not “the judge didn’t like him”. Through 8 judges it has never felt like they were acting against me personally. They were acting improperly and in violation of the law and procedure. They would not do that for a personal sentiment. They could never be judges if it was a personality contest everyday. Anyone who would suggest that I am in this situation because the judge doesn’t like me, or 8 judges didn’t like me, would be indicating that the law had nothing to do with the outcome.

[Take one guess who said that? Would she know that the law has nothing to do with the outcome? Exactly.]

It is look what the judge has done. What would make a judge do something like that? The answer is simple. They want to shut me down from presenting the judges part in the whole thing. They know I can prove what I am saying, so they must prevent me from ever getting the chance to do that. So they cancel hearings. I ask for them to be rescheduled.

Considering the volume of petitions before the court, the hearing next week was scheduled on a specific subject. I know why. I’m good at seeing things like that. Their tactics are clear.

Judge Carluccio said it best not so long ago. She indicated that there was no one who knew my case as well as I did.
There was no emphasis or sarcasm or underlying sentiment. She was stating a fact. She then went on to make sure I never sat in the witness stand in her courtroom ever again.

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