The SFC (System File Checker) program is supposed to identify and repair files which have become corrupted. If it cannot repair it, it will give you a series of instructions which could takes weeks to execute. The professional stealth software surveillance companies that sell their programs to housewives allowing them to blindly violate federal laws, those companies know how the SFC program works. They write around it.

One such company has executives from each of the areas of ‘security’. Registry, Certificates, Trusted Programs,… all of the areas to target for intrusion are represented in the six or 7 guys who launched that company when they started marketing a previously detected virus/spy program. They took a virus, put a brand name on it, sold it to parents incapable of trust and have become the number one stealth software surveillance, remote control, obfuscation and redirection program.

Should I be surprised that SFC is reporting problem files? NO. If I try to fix them is there any way to prevent it happening again. NOPE. Thanks Microsoft for the warm fuzzy secure feeling that is meaningless. They already know the Registry is being made unreadable by design. Here’s a shocker, while the general population lacks the tools to read and organize a view of the related registry data, the hackers have those tools already. Microsoft has made it easier for them to hide their code.

It doesn’t take them long to obtain one copy of each security program, reverse engineer it, and modify their program to disable the security measure. AND THE ANTI VIRUS / ANTI SPYWARE Software companies allow it.

They also can SEE anything you are doing to disable their program, and update the program so as not to let that happen again. You are an unpaid participant in their research and development.

Alex Eckleberry, the CEO of Sunbelt Software, caused my identity theft in February 2008, then proceeded to email me about it. At the time, he was the poo-bah of the AVAS / Anti-Spyware Coalition.

So many reports of hackers gaining access to people’s computers. Well folks, any hacker can buy this program and if he signs up for the super-duper golden ticket support, they’ll actually help him hack you, AND notify him of what needs to be fixed should you do something to prevent the illegal surveillance.

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