The first 3 canons of the Pennsylvania Code of Judicial Conduct refer to the judges ethical responsibilities in the courtroom.

CANON 1. Judges should uphold the integrity and independence of the judiciary
CANON 2. Judges should avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety in all their activities
CANON 3. Judges should perform the duties of their office impartially and diligently

When a Judge fails to follow the code, injustice intrudes into their courtroom. If ignored, it fails to heal, and the injustice grows. Should the case be moved to another judge, in another courtroom, the attempt to ignore the growing injustice becomes infectious.

When a case, such as mine, has been tainted by injustice before entering a courtroom. The secret injustice can be as damaging as the further inexplicable injustices which occur to deny it. A hidden tumor, no less deadly, waiting to be discovered and diagnosed.

Each judge’s failure to address the injustice only magnifies the previous injustice and expands on it. It spreads like a cancer through each court and through the courtrooms of an entire courthouse. The unethical actions of the judges cause them to further victimize the party who has suffered the injustice. The victim has no choice but to survive each injustice. The victims only recourse is to survive while the judiciary hides behind the animousity it has created between the parties.

In the Court system, the Plaintiff and Defendant can only file petitions against each other. When the Judiciary acts unethically they become an untouchable interested third party in the case. The Judiciary exacerbates the greivances and malfeasance grows between the parties who must submit to the behaviors of the court.

Judge Carluccio, in her latest unethical and criminal actions, has attempted to make amends to the Plaintiff in this case by awarding her everything. Fortunately, Judge Carluccio’s latest improper actions did not lead the victim of her injustice, the Defendant, to commit suicide after surviving 5 years of terror, and harassment and litigation; exposing the injustice; and losing everything and being made homeless.

Judge Carluccio has forgotten that the Plaintiff, through her attorney, caused the initial injustice. She attempted to make amends to the party who provoked, caused, or were granted the initial mis-step by Judge Rhonda Daniele. She attempted to make amends to the perpetrator of the deed. And in doing so she further victimized the victim.

Judge Rhonda Daniele committed an injustice against the Defendant when she signed an order on August 22, 2007. The Order was kept secret, undocketed, never distributed to the Defendant. That Order was used to manipulate every proceeding in this case in the courtrooms of Judge Thomas Del Ricci, Judge Arthur Tilson, Judge Emanuel Bertin, Judge Patricia Coonahan, Judge Stephen Barrett, and Judge Carolyn Carluccio.

When it was discovered by the Defendant, there were no further hearings based on the Orders of Judge Carolyn Carluccio furthering the injustice by denying the Defendant his right to be heard on the petitions pending before the court. And denying him the opportunity to defend against the continued false allegations documented in petitions by the Plaintiff. Any possibility that the Defendant would speak and be ‘heard’ in a court was blocked, intentionally, and with malice to obstruct justice by Judge Carolyn Carluccio.

Judge Carluccio indicated when she was campaigning for the position on the Court, “The state judiciary should have an independent review board to review all allegations of misconduct and impose a series of sanctions appropriate to the misconduct such as suspension without pay, removal from the bench and/or forfeit their pension.” From Inquirer Judicial Candidate Questionairre

A sanction appropriate to the misconduct… The malicious and intentional destruction of a man over the course of 5 years of his life where he was kept unemployed, thrown into a psych ward, jailed, denied any contact with his children, financially ruined, abandoned by his exhausted supporters, denied the protection of law enforcement, living in fear and isolation, forced to petition for justice to a court which would never oblige, while enduring repeated injustices from a corrupt judiciary attempting to conceal the lack of ethics and the criminal actions under color of law of the prior judges during a 5 year period of injustice which annihilated an entire extended family.

What would be an appropriate sanction for a judge who with full knowledge of the unethical, immoral and unlawful activity would unjustly throw the man out of his only refuge and Order him homeless?

I was so close to suicide. They had stolen every passion and joy in my life. They had crushed my spirit. Yet, I couldn’t give them what they wanted. I cried. Day and night. I cried for weeks. I was forced to face each day. Waking each day to be further vicitimized.

The eight judges in my case include the late Judge Toby Dickman. I appeared only once before the Honorable Judge Dickman on September 6, 2007. There was no indication at that time that her court was affected by the secret order of Judge Rhonda Daniele issued weeks prior on August 22, 2007. I exclude Judge Dickman from any implication or accusation of wrong-doing or impropriety. In my research, I have noted that the handwritten notes of Judge Dickman were honorable and with a clear intent to assure clarity in understanding her Orders.

So what have you learned as a legal intern?

I have avoided humor on this web site. Occasional sarcasm has crept in. The following video is not funny. It clearly explains the cynical reality of the legal profession.

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