It is a difficult concept to believe that over the last 5 years I’ve lost everything in my life because I am the victim of a crime.

The illegally installed software cost about $100 for the computer, and under $200 for the cell phone.

It has been the cover up the instruction to commit the crime that has had a far greater cost. EVERYTHING. It cost the victim everything.

Once every law enforcement department was manipulated by false allegations against me and executed their own stealh surveillance. Their investigations victimized me further by concealing the crimes against me. So how can they tell me that no one has my computers under surveillance when they have all had a hand in it.

Five years of constant terror that I have experienced because of a $100 software package.

I have survived because I have been able to figure out their tactics, disciver their methods, and rationalize to myself that the truth would be heard eventually in a courtroom. I have battled an unimagineable evil for the last 5 years and the judges considered it a game with their dismissals and denials. It wasn’t a game to me. It was my life and you stole every aspect of it from me.

I’ve cried just about every day since the summer of 2010. In August 2010 when I discovered a secret Court order that slandered me and took away my children, BUT never informed me of the action it was devastating.

You can’t fight what you don’t know about. If you try, they will call you paranoid. And I had permitted the masters and judges of Montgomery County to play a scheduling game of delays and tricks. I didn’t ask these people to get involved in my life. When they did, they failed to make any ruling in a timely fashion, or with regard to Pennsylvania Law and Rules of Civil Procedure.

Why? What could I possibly have done to bring down the wrath of an entire Court. Eight Judges? Each acting with complete disregard for the truth, ignoring the evidence, and conspiring behind my back. It took an awful lot of people to destroy me.

I persevered. I believed in the US Justice System. The Judges apparently did not. Why?

I had no choice but to defend myself with the expectation that the judges interpret the laws… The judges chose to ignore the law.
to protect the Secret Order issued by Judge Rhonda Daniele – the head of Family Court?
to protect the order issued by Judge DelRicci in violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution?
to protect Judge DelRicci’s career when they surveilled the final edits on request for his recusal inmspiring him to recuse without being asked. Judge DelRicci also proceeded to perform a speech while recusing himself where he admits to violating numerous ethics rules.
to protect Judge Bertin who ordered a petition split into 2 parts and then at the hearing found that the second part was no longer cognizable without the first part. 9 he ordered me to pay fees, and then Angst & Angst submitted invoices which indicated their unethical ex parte communication with the judge.
to protect Judge Carluccio from embarassment at completely disregarding the Law and Procedures, and then fraudulently indicating she had reviewed the case to make her incorrect rulings – WITHOUT HEARINGS.

REALLY?? I am that important that it requires entire police forces, county detectives, and the judiciary to steal my life.

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