After issuing a subpeona, I have finally obtained the following conversation with HostGator Technical Support.

Who it is? and Why they are trying to gain access to the hosting account is not known? And If I do know them, I can’t imagine why they would not have contacted me directly to address the issue… as I had already reported the trouble ticket days before this call was made.

Listen to the call…(ogg format) or (mp3 format)

The following is a transcript of the call.

The call came from 925-945-XXXX. Who is this? I’ve tried calling and all i get is “leave a message”.
Call lasted 9 Minutes and 8 seconds from 17:53:19 to 18:02:27 CST.

January 24, 2011


SYSTEM: You are currently caller number three. Your estimated hold time is currently two minutes.

HOSTGATOR: Thank you for calling Hostgator. This is Scott. May I help you?

IMPOSTER: Yes, Scott. I am calling about a domain that that is apparently listed to you that I own. It is RitaCoolidge.com.



HOSTGATOR: Now how do you spell coolidge?

IMPOSTER: C – O – O – L – I – D – G – E

HOSTGATOR: Ok, and you said that was dot com?


HOSTGATOR: Let me pull that up.


HOSTGATOR: OK, so I have your account in front of me. So how can I help you with that?

IMPOSTER: The site seems to be down.

HOSTGATOR: Ok,let me take a look and see whats going on with that. Has that ever worked? or…


HOSTGATOR: OK, lets see. I get a forbidden error. Ok, let me see whats going on here… and this is the only one that you’re having a problems with right now


HOSTGATOR: OK, let me go ahead… go in here and take a look. OK, I need to log into your web host manager in order to take a look at it. Do you mind if I temporarily change the password so that I can get in? I’ll change it back when I am done. This will temporarily lock you out while I am in.

IMPOSTOR: Yea. No. Um. If you want we can change the password completely. But that’s up to you. Yes, go ahead.

HOSTGATOR: It would just be temporary and then when i say unset it it will go back to what it was.

IMPOSTOR: My problem is… one of the reasons i am calling is other people have the password and thats what i’m trying to figure out whats wrong.

HOSTGATOR: Ok, ok, so after we look at the web site here if we need to we will reset the password for you.


HOSTGATOR: What type of site is it? Is it like a wordpress site, html site, joomla

IMPOSTER: I believe it’s html

HOSTGATOR: OK, right now I am looking at the file system. Just going in there right now. Yea, have you gotten any emails from us about that

IMPOSTER: No, we haven’t.


HOSTGATOR: OK, I actually see that we have a ticket number on that. Um, I can resend you the information in the ticket if you don’t have that

IMPOSTER: When you say ticket to be fixed or is it…

HOSTGATOR: It is something that you need to respond to. Let me go ahead and resend that to you? Do you have access to your billing account at gbclient.hostgator.com. Cause you can also see your tickets in there, as well.


HOSTGATOR: Ok all you’ld have to do is just go to gbclient.hostgator.com and then enter say forgot your password and enter in your password and then they’ll email you the password.

IMPOSTER: Yes, I’m sorry gbgator…

HOSTGATOR: gbclient.hostgator.com

IMPOSTER: dot sorry dot hostgator

HOSTGATOR: gbclient.hostgator.com

IMPOSTOR: OK and enter

HOSTGATOR: It should give you a login screen. So just say forgot your password and enter the email address you gave when you signed up.

IMPOSTER: OK and do do do do do do do do Is there a way that I can change that email address?

HOSTGATOR Um, after you log in yes

IMPOSTER: ok, all right, that will tell me what I need to know

HOSTGATOR: Yea, and I am also remailing you the, um, the ticket right now. So, you’ll get a copy of the ticket. Also, you’ll see the ticket in gbclient.

IMPOSTER: I don’t have access to that email address right now. So. That’s my problem.

HOSTGATOR: So let me send that. So, I am resending that to you. Ok, so you should have 2 copies of that ticket in your email now

IMPOSTER: And does that go to Terance or does that

HOSTGATOR: Um, I can tell which email address it goes to if you verify your account. Can I get the last 4 digits of the credit card number that we have on file for you.

IMPOSTER: I don’t … should be… I don’t have that in front of me. I’m sorry. It’s a business and that’s why…

HOSTGATOR: Unfortunately i can’t reveal which email

IMPOSTOR: OK, i understand that.

HOSTGATOR: But I did send another copy to the email address that we have opn eilfe


HOSTGATOR: If you don’t get it find out what the last 4 digits of the card are and we can help you get in.

IMPOSTOR: OK. Thank You Much.


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