Why did software called ULTRAVIEW which was identified as a virus / spyware / malware and detected and prevented by the anti-virus / anti=spyware programs become an acceptable program when it began to be marketed as WebWatcher in 2007?

The powerful stealthy program allows full remote control along with its suite of surveillance and obfusation abilities.

It is marketed openly. Way more powerful than any internet parenting type of program needs to be…. unless you want to not only protect your kids but control them completely.

And once you have been targeted and hit with it… it doesnt matter what you do. There is no escape. They control everything you can see or do online.

You’ll never be able to reset all your settings. They know every sign on. They know every password. To every internet account and bank account. They can filter your mail. They can make it seems like you are putting the filters in place. They know everythng you do when you do it… and can run interference like signing up at the forum where you post and distracting the forum from the question you ask.

When they control your computer and phone… there is no way to survive the attacks..

There is no escape. There is no software to prevent a reattack if you did clear the program.
And the hooks it installs to reinstall itself are everywhere on your computer.

So why did a marketing campaign make malware legit?

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