Todd Stephens did NOTHING to help. And on Friday, a member of his staff called me to see what was going on.

Was I supposed to thank him for doing nothing? Was I supposed to thank him for NOT trying?

Was I supposed to thank Todd Stephens for ignoring the problem when I presented it to him, the Attorney General’s Rep, and Mitch from Comcast Security at a public forum in 2007? That was years ago.

Todd Stephens worked for the DA’s office.
Todd Stephens knows they subcontract out their surveillance.
Todd Stephens knows that private investigators do not get prosecuted for anything illegal that they do.
Todd Stephens knows the corruption and conspiracy involved… the entire courthouse knows what is going on… how could Todd Stephens not be aware?

I asked Todd Stephens to do one thing. Get me in to see the Attorney General of PA. Nothing more. He didn’t. He pretended he could and delayed for 6 weeks. All the while getting updates on the failures of the court to enforce their orders…. Todd Stephens had a front row seat to the destruction I was experiencing. AND HE DID NOTHING.

His only interest seemd to be wanting the name of the DJ friend I had mentioned knew him. AND HE WAS INTERESTED ONLY BECAUSE HE THOUGHT DJ MEANT DISTRICT JUSTICE. DJ is Disc Jockey.

So Ed from his office who has listened to the story and rec’d copies of the documents explaining the corruption and conspiracy and denial of rights, Ed calls to check on me. After doing nothing. Ed. I am homeless. Living out of bags. Sleeping on a couch. Crying almost every hour of the day. I am not OK. And you could have made a difference. YOU CHOSE NOT TO DO ANYTHING.


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