Something I didn’t install on my computer. Appeared wiithout Publisher information. And provides remote printing capabilities… like printing to a PDf file for small file size and easy transmission. …and it works for Windows Terminal Server …with transparent printing, so it goes unnoticed. Part of the Stealth Surveillance package. Ya think?

I’ve been unable to disable Terminal Services for years. It permits stealth remote access to the VM programs.

No wonder the computer can’t process anything quickly. It’s too busy taking and sending printouts of my screens and messages to whomever it is that wants me dead, but wants me to do it for them.

Now could that be why I am getting all those Adobe PDF Reader Updates also? Or is Adobe now providing twice daily updates to their programs and getting so lazy with their installs that the buttons are downright chatty in context.

REDMONTransparent PostScript printing from Windows 95/98 and NT (3.51, 4, 2000 and XP) and soon Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The RedMon port monitor redirects a special printer port to a program. RedMon is commonly used with Ghostscript and a non-PostScript printer to emulate a PostScript printer.

RedMon can be used with any program that accepts data on standard input.

Using RedMon you create a redirected printer port. If you connect a Windows printer driver to the redirected printer port, all data sent to the redirected port will be forwarded by RedMon to the standard input of a program. The output of this program can be sent to different printer port, or the program can generate whatever output it desires.

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