For the last week I sit crying, out of control… after 4 years of terror. Every aspect of my life under attack and I SURVIVED only to be evicted from my home which I must continue to pay for while she is there destroying everything left in the house. My lifeful of memories arrives in trash bags distributed to other people who bring them to me.

Evicted by an invalid court order designed to keep the case in Judge Carluccio’s court while she terrorizes me. WHY?

WHAT THE HELL DID I DO TO THE COUNTY THAT HAS 8 JUDGES AGAINST ME? IF I WAS WRONG, WHY HAVEN’T I BEEN CHARGED, ACCUSED, CONVICTED? Why terrorize the survivor? The target? The victim? All because I didn’t succumb to the drugs they put in front of me. They tried to set me up for 4 years. I’m stronger than that. So they continue to terrorize me to the point of suicide being a better option to life.

IT IS LONG TIME THAT THE COUNTY INDICATES TO WHOM THEY SUBCONTRACT THEIR SURVEILLANCE SO THAT ILLEGAL SURVEILLANCE CAN ASSIST THEM IN THEIR DRUG WAR? PErfect eh? Contract illegal surveillance out to subcontractors and then NEVER prosecute them if they get caught. If some vengeful wife uses them to cover her crimes and harass her husband. SHE INHERITS THEIR IMPUNITY. And her husband gets destroyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THAT SUBCONTRACTOR IS THE SOURCE OF THE DRUGS. THE DISTRIBUTION POINT. THE SET UP POINT. With locations in Conshohocken, Lansdale, Pottstown, New Hope, and Philadelphia… It was where their addicts always stopped before coming to visit me to clean up, get some food and sleep/rest. When their addicts got a bit out of control, they were sent to rehab, only to return right back into the drug scene as soon as they left rehab. I guess that allowed the collective conscience to be cleared even though they copnsidered these people as disposable.

So now I am living out of trash bags, knowing my personal items, my memories, my life is being destroyed and thrown in garbage bags. And all the while I have no bed to sleep in, my bed is at the house I am paying for until it is sold. I pay but cana ot live there.

My wife violated every court order, and I am the one who gets destroyed and punished. I have never hurt a soul in my life. Yet, I get destroyed. She gets away with terror, harassment, destruction, lies, perjury, fraud, crimes, burglary, killing my dog, psychologically destroying my children, and it’s excused.

Todd Stephens office called today to check if I was OK. They DID NOTHING TO HELP, except pretend for a month that they would get involved. Did they want me to thank them for trying? They did nothing. They did not help. And my life is a shambles… am I supposed to thank them? NO ONE HELPED. Stand By and watch Terance’s life get destroyed before your eyes.

I pray to god to end my life and this nightmare… and each day I wake to further terror and anguish.

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