Montgomery Township seems very interested in watching the disaster that they created.

My life has been destroyed because of the illegal and criminal actions against me.

Reported to Police and ignored in July 2007.

In August 2007, Officer Gerald Dougherty arrives on my doorstep and revealed that he knew the identity of the person or persons who had my computers under surveillance. INSTEAD OF PROSECUTING THE CRIMINAL WHO HAD HACKED MY LIFE, AFFECTED MY BUSINESS, AFFECTED MY CAREER, AFFECTED MY CHILDREN… he attempted to discredit me by having me involuntarily committed indicating that I was going to blow up the local mall. The paperwork indicates the lie used to lock me up on the ridiculous allegation.

Gerry went on that afternoon to show my brother the screenshot from my computer trying to convince him I was crazy. Gerry didn’t get the full color screen shot from me.

That evening, when my brother returned to the police station to obtain a copy of the screenshot, he was denied access to it. Gerry also began calling him Chris. Attempting to become more and more intimidating and calling him Chris. My brother’s name is John. Gerry was calling him by his wife’s name. How did that name get into his head? Yea, they had been watching his computers also, and didn’t realize that Chris was a woman.

Gerry was the officer with the canine unit. Does that make him the one to investigate drug allegations? Probably.

Those allegations made just after I discovered the illegally installed software (WebWatcher by Awareness Technologies).
on my computers… reported it to police and FBI.

Montgomery Township Police refused to provide any police report on the incident for years. The one they provided last year has a number of flaws.

Montgomery Township Police did not respond to any crimes committed against me. Not one crime was investigated since August 2007. Even with the full proof of who was doing it, and the written emails of the perpetrators.

Instead, Montgomery Township Police stood by and let everyone attack me. Burglarize my home. Kill my dog.

Montgomery Township Police did nothing to enforce any custody orders, or check on my children.

Montgomery Township Police refused to get involved in a civil case… UNTIL it came to throwing me out of my home.

Even though it was based on an invalid Court order … Officer Gerry Dougherty made sure that I knew I would be arrested should I be anywhere near the house on June 9, 2011.

For that, they would definitely get involved.

Gerry Dougherty’s screw up in August 2007 started the corruption rolling towards my destruction. Next came a secret court order by Judge Rhonda Daniele. With that the court was no longer going to enforce any court order, unless it was against me.

Gerry Dougherty could have ended the nightmare, instead he prolonged it until every aspect of my life, my family, my existence was destroyed.

On June 8, he had the extreme audacity to ask me for an apology for what is written about him on this web site.

I suggested he confront the truth on the web site. To do the right thing. What does he care that his actions destroyed an entire family, and terrorized me for years – a terror which still continues.

The reality of corruption is explained here.

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