Malice? Is it easy to prove? When does the carelessness become malice?

Judge Carolyn Carluccio demonstrates spite and malice and the intent to continue to terrorize and harass.

I’m not the first victim of her “unappealable order” tactic. It shows her intent is to continue to terrorize me.

1. allowing unethical ex parte communications with Angst & Angst.
2. intentionally scheduling hearings out 6 months on her calendar
3. lying from the bench.
4. attempting to defraud.
5. intimidation
6. denial of due process/procedure
7. denial of PA Law
8. obstruction of justice
9. her fraudulent review of the docket
10. her cancellation of 9 enforcement and contempt hearings
11. the policy to attempt to conceal her fraudulent review of the docket.
12. and that shhhing hissing admin of hers who makes false allegations to the court security.
13. failure to schedule any proceedings since her fraudulent invalid unappealable order was issued.
(while my life is further destroyed and attacked based on her orders)

Yea, I think that may be proof of MALICE. It is EVIL.

Then she stole your home away from you… and you didn’t kill yourself.
I cry for hours at a time each day… I wish I had the power to find peace, but they won’t stop until I am dead.
There is no hiding. There is no escape. Their malice is inescapable. They believe themselves to be the law.
The truth is not recognized. Justice is absent. Terror is real.

” Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. ”
– Kris Kristofferson

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