Valerie Angst sent Judge Carolyn Carluccio an ex parte letter and facsimile on May 2, 2011.

While not inappropriate, no attempt was made to get a copy to the Defendant before getting the letter to the Judge.

Interestingly, on May 3, I was at Court administration trying to determine the same question.

On May 3, Court Administration was unable to provide any document cancelling the hearing.

I asked them to contact the Judge to confirm.  The Judge refused to provide any paperwork order indicating the hearing was cancelled.  This meant I would have to appear at 9AM on Thursday May 5, 2011 prepared for whichever hearings were not cancelled. 

They were trying to fool me into a no show so they could cancel the petitions which had been delayed for close to a year already.  Did they really expect me to fall for that??? REALLY??? REALLY???

I rec’d the Angst letter on May 4.  The letter indicates they also were unaware of the schedule. 

I showed up for the hearing and was informed that there were no hearings scheduled.  A docket entry on May 4 indicates the Judge DID issue an order.  No one called me.  Peggy Reiter then proceeded to hand me her copy of the order which she had at her fingertips.  I left the Courtroom and went to Court Administration to close the loop on Tuesday’s visit.

My 78 year old mother and I were then surrounded by 7 security guards who informed us that if we had no business in the courthouse we should leave.  I showed them the order indicating there were to be hearings that day.  Staff in Court Administration confirmed my information. The Security Guards were puzzled.  Why did they get a report that I was there to threaten the judge?  And if there was an order to appear, why was the court staff indicating otherwise. 

I went to the prothonotary and filed the exhibits for one of the hearings escorted by 5 of the 7 guards.

Harassment and Intimidation by the judge and her staff has been a regular occurence… WHY?

The guards and I struck an agreement.  They knew I was no risk.  I knew they were doing their job.  I would gladly alert them to my presence anytime I had to do any further business at the courthouse.  Why would anyone allow the false allegations of a threat to continue?

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