Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge indicated that he felt the government made a major mistake when it came to surveillance. He was the first head of the Dept of Homeland Security

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell revealed the inappropriate surveillance that the State of Pennsylvania had sub-contracted out to private investigators. He ended those contractos.

A private investigator has been harassing, terrorizing and trying to set me up for over 4 years. The private investigator has complete impunity.

The county can’t very well prosecute the private investigators, when they are using them to handle their unwarranted surveillance.

A private investigator with impunity, can violate any law without any repercussions.

If a private citizen hires that private investigator, they inherit the impunity and their target gets annihilated.

In a divorce, it destroys everything. I have experienced it… and survived. A regretful survival. The longer I survive the more I am terrorized.

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