I have lived terrorized for the last 4 years.
I have dealt with each attack as best I could.
I have cried for weeks at a time.
I have cried at every holiday.
I have cried every day in 2011.
Even though I have been terrorized, i have done NOTHING to retaliate for the abuse.
I haven’t cheated, lied, stolen, threatened, stalked, harassed, pursued,…

Without any other choice, I have submitted to the abuse.
I have begged for the law to be enforced. IT ISN’T.

There is no comfort in my life at all.
I can’t bathe
I can’t dress
I can’t eat
I can’t rest
I can’t sit
I can’t cook
I can’t sleep
I can’t think
I can’t talk
I can’t plan ahead
I can’t do anything, or go anywhere and not be reminded of the struggle I survived or the struggle to continue
I can’t watch television without constant reminders of what is lost and how no one helps.
This is no life.
There is nothing I can do to escape even mentally for a few minutes.
The constant reminder of the evil that is destroying me is in my face every minute of my day.

I did nothing to harm anyone… and no one ever helped me.
I cry. I pray for peace. It doesn’t come.
I CRY. I have searched for hope everywhere I possible could. It’s not there.

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