Now this story is sounding remarkably like the one I have been experiencing… but I am in Montgomery County Pennsylvania… this happened 3000 miles away in California.

Standard Operating Procedure for the Drug Task Forces in the US. Use Private Investigators to violate the rights of the target. If detected by the target, DESTROY THEM. Yea. It happened to me. And when I figured it out, they retaliated through eight corrupt judges trying to cover for them.


When in doubt, the difference between a private investigator and a confidential informant is employment.

The PI never has a job, and is always looking. This is because he is working as a PI and just pretending to have no job. He will miss appointments, interviews, and reschedule constantly. That is because his schedule is flexible – spent investigating you perhaps.

A confidential informant will have a low paying job because that is about all he can get. He’ll have a tiny police record which will hurt his employment opportunities. BUT, he’ll always make sure he is to work on time. He needs that job. He is afraid of losing it. He is also afraid because one mis-step, or a statement that he is an informant, will land him in jail without any further discussion. Confidential Informants will understand what you tell them, but will rarely speak.

Drug Task Force + Private Investigator + Confidential Informants = CORRUPTION WITH IMPUNITY

Contra Costa drug task force head, private investigator jailed on drug charges

Posted on February 26, 2011

The commander of a Contra Costa County drug task force and the head of a high-profile, Concord-based private investigative firm were arrested Wednesday on allegations they conspired to sell drugs, authorities said.

The revelation and potential blow to the credibility of any investigations involving the two are still being gauged.

Norman Wielsch, commander of the state Department of Justice’s Central Contra Costa County Narcotics Enforcement Team, or CNET, and Chris Butler, who runs the investigative firm Butler and Associates, were arrested together in Benicia by federal agents Wednesday morning after an investigation that began in January, said DOJ special agent Michelle Gregory, spokeswoman for Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement.

Both men were booked into County Jail in Martinez on as many as 25 suspected felony offenses, including possessing, transporting and selling marijuana, methamphetamine and steroids, and embezzlement, second-degree burglary and conspiracy.

Wielsch, a 49-year-old Antioch resident, is being held on $660,000 bail. Butler, 49, of Concord, is being held on $840,000 bail. They are both former veteran Antioch police officers who worked from the late 1990s to when they entered their respective positions.

County Drug Task Force Suspended Pending Audit
Contra Costa County Anti-Drug Officials Arrested for Accusations of Drug Sales
Contra Costa drug task force head, private investigator jailed on drug charges
Feds to take over NorCal drug task force probe
NOTE THIS PARA: Butler is also accused of stealing and selling drugs, along with separate charges that he bribed Contra Costa County sheriff’s deputy Stephen Tanabe to set up DUI arrests of men who were facing divorce and custody disputes.

Updated Link
Law Enforcement Scandal: FBI, U.S. Attorney Take Over Investigation
Feds take over Contra Costa’s police corruption investigation, prosecution
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Christopher Butler had previously been implicated in at least five attempts to tarnish the reputations of men going through divorce cases by getting them arrested on drunken driving cases.
Alleged California ‘Dirty DUI’ Arrests Detailed

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