The US Constitution… does it still matter?

Judge Carolyn Carluccio considers herself above procedure, works outside the law, and violates the US Constitution. The constitution does not matter to Judge Carolyn Carluccio. What matters far more is what she is concealing about the County’s direct involvement in my life… and in the divorce that was filed in May 2007.

Judge Carluccio doesn’t want to reveal WHY Sonya Healy has been permitted to violate EVERY court order with impunity.

Sonya Healy started her divorce and then illegally installed surveillance software on my computers. It destroyed my web development business and affected all of my clients immediately.

Once caught, she went on to make false allegations.

Somehow, Officer Gerry Dougherty gets involved, after indicating he would not be able to do anything. Oh, he was able to do something. He showed up at my home pretending to be investingating the computer intrusion. He lied that day. He then acted to conceal his source for information. Gerry had a picture, a screen shot, of my computer. he showed it to my brother. Where did he get it? He won’t say.

Now, not only was Sonya Healy exposed, but so was Officer Dougherty. Gerry was with the canine unit. Who want’s to guess if he was with the Drug Task Force? Canine unit? Drug Dog? Illegal surveillance?

Drug Task Forces use private investigators and informants to collect information. The private investigators get impunity from prosecution if they get caught. The recent arrests in Contra Costa County of the head of the Drug Task Force and a Private Investigator show that these things do happen. I’d been saying it was happening to me for years. Constant intrusions, informants pretending to be friends, investigators pretending to be friends. Each disappeared whenever I went to authorities. Heck, some even disappeared when I made up stories about them on the phone.

Another action that is done to people when they discover improper activites by police is involuntary commitment. And that was what Gerry Doughety did to me in August 2007… WHEN HE KNEW THE REPORTED COMPUTER INTRUSION WAS TRUE. HE PERSECUTED THE VICTIM.

Next up, Judge Rhonda Daniele signs an order without any hearing, or even meeting me. That order was kept secret, hidden, undocketed, unfiled, unavailable, not distributed… and unfound until August 2010… three years later.

How I found the Secret Order (Pictured here – – > )

A Notice to the Court of the Discovery of the Secret Order of Judge Rhonda Daniele… this document explains the discovery of the document, and the impact it had on every proceeding and on every judge.

Judge Daniele was familiar with Montgomery County Emergency Services (MCES). Information available on the web indicates she was very familiar with them.

What has followed those events has been 4 years of nightmares, fear, terror, constant fear of false allegations, constant investigations of false reports about me…. no hearings scheduled in a timely manner.

They took my life. I tried to persevere following the rules of their arena, and accepting the silly shortcomings of no one ever taking responsibility for anything being delayed. But while they were delaying, I was putting the peices together. So when they conspired to rush a hearing and not permit me opportunity to respond, I responded… 126 pages worth of response. Detailing and providing exhibits of the INJUSTICE I experienced in the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.

Judge Carluccio ended the hearing once the response was placed into her hands. There were already 9 other hearings on petitions which had been filed in August of 2010. She left the courtroom.

Judge Carluccio tyhen began cancelling the hearings without notice. Rearranging her schedule by email, without notice to the parties (or at least the Defendant). She then cancelled all the hearings outright. BECAUSE HAVING A HEARING WOULD PERMIT THE EVIDENCE TO BE PRESENTED. THAT WOULD EXPOSE THE COVER UP. A hearing would expose the 4 YEARS of harassment and injustice and terror. She couldn’t risk that.

She then declares 2 people divorced in spite of the fact that neither party asked for that to happen. erhaps I am not correct, but doesn;t a judge have to be asked for a divorce before she goes around divorcing people? If you need a marriage license to get married, you need to request a divorce decree to get divorced. I didn’t ask for one. i didn;t plan to until the hearings were accomlished. And Robert Angst, my wife’s attorney, specifically indicated his client wanted any divorce decree deferred until after hearings were held.

Judge Carluccio divorces us anyway. Threw me out of my home, though ordering me to pay all expenses at the home… YES, WHILE I AM NOT PERMITTED TO LIVE THERE I MUST PAY THE FULL MORTGAGE ($2600/MONTH) AND ALL UTILITIES.
Since Judge Carluccio can’t divorce somone without being asked for a divorce, the order isn;t FINAL. So it can;t be appealed. A requerst for Reconsideration has been ignored by the court and not scheduled. An EMERGENCY injuction to stay the Order was denied, and has not yet been scheduled.

Judge Carluccio is hoping that being thrown out on the street would be the injustice that would cause me to take my own life. How much can one man stand?
1. Loss of any relationshiop with my children.
2. I paid Child Support though unemployed.
3. I paid the mortgage on the house though unemployed – FOR FOUR YEARS. Thanks to my mother for her financial support.
4. I watch my friends disappear, either because of their inability to watch me be destroyed further, or them having been contacted about the false allegations against me. They left me alone.
5. I endured lonliness at every holiday, birthday, event,… I was often too emotional at the unexplained disappearance of my children to attend any family event. The humiliation of having no idea what to say to people when they asked about my kids was unbearable.
6. I befriended anyone. I helped anyone who I could help… even if it was just a meal, or a place to sleep for the night.
7. I waqtched those ‘new’ friends disappear at each turn… I started to realize they were not real, but couldnt quite figure a name for them. I never completely trusted them, but tried. It turns out they were either Confidential Informants sent to try to set me up, or were private investigators trying to make it appear that I was doing something illegal.
8. They didn’t succeed… (When they realized that if I was arrested and charged with anything, I would get a hear an opportunity to be heard. THAT WOULD REVEAL THEIR TACTICS. While I never felt safe from false allegations, they were more afraid of my story being told… most especially in a courtroom.
9. I’ve lost everything except my self-respect. Because through it all I never did anything out of spite, malice, or anger.
10. In the end they stole everything from me and put me out of my home. WHY?

WHY? Because they can. They can get away with it. because once you are the victim of injustice, you are destined to be further victimized. Try to survive and there will always be something else they take from you. Try to persevere and it will be for nothing. Because this is the USA and no one cares about their rights. No one cares about your rights. And the Constitution doesn’t matter to people who find themselves above the law.

The Constitution does not matter in Montgomery County PA. Neither do Pennsylvania laws and procedures. To punish the victim of injustice, we’ll victimize him further. If he wakes up another day, we’ll make sure he regrets every waking moment. And, Judge Carolyn Carluccio won’t let him escape to a higher court. She hasn’t finished yet.

I am alive… just wishing I were dead. Somehow I still believe justice will be served. Though all signs are that I received a death sentence in a divorce. The court is just not going to execute me. Instead, they try as hard as they can to cause me to fall into such despair and hopelessness to take my own life. Their goal. Not mine.

Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness… I can’t even remember what that is anymore. Perhaps it is time to reboot the US. Let’s start with reading the Declaration of Independance in Montgomery County Courtrooms.

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