They stole everything… my family, my career, my friends, my health, my security, my spirit, and every joy and passion in my life.

4 years of hell and they continue to attack… they aren’t done yet.

There is no recovery. There is no survival.

NO ONE F**KING HELPED ME. No one cared.

Colin, Brennan,
Since you can’t communicate with me without getting caught, I am writing my message here.

You have permitted my destruction. You made that choice, you can live with that.
Forgive yourselves when you realize what you’ve done.
I gave you everything I could in life. I was there for you whenever you needed me.

I’m ashamed that you would allow this to happen to me. Why?
(and if that gives you the anger you need to continue your life, so be it.)
Be careful though, because they will be coming for you when I am gone.
Their secret injustice won’t die with me.

I never did anything to hurt you. Never would.
Good Luck in life,

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