I am writing again to plead for help. What I am dealing with is absolute malice. It is unexplained. It has destroyed every aspect of my life since early 2007. The court has acted in violation of the law and no one cares. They permitted my wife to disobey EVERY court order. No exaggeration. I begged support from everyone who would help. They all disappeared. I have done nothing to hurt anyone in my entire life. Yet, I find myslf under attack.

I have no where to turn. Can someone help with a Federal Lawsuit against the judge’s for their mailicious acts against me? For their inexplicable impunity granted to my wife, and the harshest of penalties threatened and delivered against me.

The coverup related to the lawyer advising my wife to use computer and phone surveillance which destroyed my business, affected my clients, and destroyed my life. The lawyer manipulated everyone into misdeeds, and then threw them under the bus. Each time I have been further victimized.

This last event leaving me homeless based on a divorce decree which is invalid and cannot be appealed as it is not valid. So I am back at the same court, Trying to survive in their game…. with no choice but to follow the rules and the law which they are not accountable for. They do not follow these rules, and boldly attack and threaten me.

At the simplest level it is bullying beyond belief. At it worst it is terroristic, but a terrorist at least kills their victim.

They just want to torture me. They have done it for over 4 years. There is no sign they will stop. They haven’t stopped yet, and I have no choice but to try to live in the hostile environment they have created. I have lived in this fear for years, every day. Holding on to my sanity, but praying that a merciful god would take me from this nightmare.

Please Help. I beg. No one helps. I know this sounds dramatic. It isn’t being overstated here or on my web site. I assure you. I am experienceing extreme malice that can only end when exposed.


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