Turns out the number is someone I know who hasn’t had any involvement with the site in 15 years. Tim Goodwin was asked by Nelly Neben to gain control of the site.

I was in contact with Nelly Neben repeatedly during the events in January, February and March, and I kept Nelly Neben informed with my pursuit of the caller’s identity. WHY DIDN”T NELLY NEBEN TELL ME SHE PUT THE PERSON UP TO IT? WHY IS SHE HIDING HER ACTIONS? WHY WOULD SHE PUT ME THROUGH THE ANXIETY OF NOT KNOWING?

Considering that this event lead to the discovery of the criminal actions of the Contra Costa Drug Task Force and the Private Investigator – a story which offers many parallels to my situation. Have I once again learned more from their mistakes?

Text Message Update to Friends: I just spoke to Tim Goodwin. NELLY HAD PUT HIM UP TO THE CALL IN JANUARY. Why wouldn’t she tell me that? Why would she rather I kill myself rather than admit her actions? Tim & I are cool. He had no idea what was behind Nelly’s actions… or why she was keeping her attempt to gain control of the site from me. Why not just ask me? talk to me? explain to me? it’s the least I deserve after all I have done for her.”

Why would Nelly Neben not tell me what she was doing when she was aware of the stress her actions were causing?
   –  Fear of becoming further involved in the technology used to hack my life.
   –  An ongoing investigation where she was not permitted to speak with me.
   – National Security Letters  ( Real or Faked? )

As I have been told by the FBI and County Detectives (in refusing to investigate any of my reported technology intrusions) that I am not under any investigation and have not been under any investigation as far back as July 2007… Then any National Security Letter about me would be a fake.

As a National Security Letter forbids the recipient from discussing it in any form with anyone, including their attorney, their spouse,m their family under threat of incarceration. It makes for a great document for someone to hide behind when trying to undermine any support or help I might be getting.

Who knows enough about National Security Letters to abuse them? The FBI would definitely know… As would retired FBI agents.

After I first met Ron Trombino, he used one of my computers to get on the web. After he left, I checked the history and searched a few key terms. Terms not relevant to law enforcement or anything. Surprising thing was Google returned an entry for RETIRED FBI AGENTS. Peculiar???

RETIRED FBI AGENTS was a private investigation company based in Doylestown, PA. The same town where Ronnie rented an apartment and worked for SEPCADD (SouthEastern Pennsylvania Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependance).

RETIRED FBI AGENTS is now known as Foresight Investigations, on Duane Rd in Doylestown. Their address is a post office box on the edge of a property at the corner of 611 and Duane Road. No building. No office. Just a mailbox.

Foresight Investigations is a popular name with private investigators. That business name shows up in the same cities as the people who infiltrated my life. They either came from the city, or moved to the city when they left. There were so many of them I noticed the pattern of key cities.

Ronnie went to Minneapolis. He left everything in his apartment when he left. He just left. He told me he was going on vacation for a few days. He didn’t tell his boss he was leaving/quitting. And SEPCADD seems to have closed at the same time. Coincidence?

Ron’s disappearance occurred within days of my telling someone on the phone we had a fight that escalated and things were broken. I made the story up. Not out of anger, or malice. Moreso for curiosity. Hoping to prove myself wrong.

How could it be possible that me telling a false story to someone on the telephone would have this repercussion? I did this only 2 more times. Each time a few months apart. Each resulted in the disappearance of the person without explanation.

Ron didn’t want to go on vacation. He delayed leaving for days… delaying just a day at a time without explanation while lurking at my house and not going back to his own place. Discussion of my false story and phone call would reveal he knew about the tech intrusion into my life. I noticed his frustration, and realized he didn’t really want this vacation. After a few days, he woke me at 4AM. I took him to the airport, and he was gone. It wasn’t a vacation.

I tried very hard to trust Ron. I considered him a close friend, yet there was always something he wasn’t telling me. He didn’t like to see me when I was down. He learned early on that when I became silent, the emotions were welling up inside me. He always left when that happened. He didn’t ask for a ride home, or wait for one. There was always someone he knew in the area to come pick him up and get him with only a few minutes notice. He didn’t like to see the emotional devastation that the ‘divorce’ was having on me.

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