Todd Stephens did NOTHING to help. And on Friday, a member of his staff called me to see what was going on.

Was I supposed to thank him for doing nothing? Was I supposed to thank him for NOT trying?

Was I supposed to thank Todd Stephens for ignoring the problem when I presented it to him, the Attorney General’s Rep, and Mitch from Comcast Security at a public forum in 2007? That was years ago.

Todd Stephens worked for the DA’s office.
Todd Stephens knows they subcontract out their surveillance.
Todd Stephens knows that private investigators do not get prosecuted for anything illegal that they do.
Todd Stephens knows the corruption and conspiracy involved… the entire courthouse knows what is going on… how could Todd Stephens not be aware?

I asked Todd Stephens to do one thing. Get me in to see the Attorney General of PA. Nothing more. He didn’t. He pretended he could and delayed for 6 weeks. All the while getting updates on the failures of the court to enforce their orders…. Todd Stephens had a front row seat to the destruction I was experiencing. AND HE DID NOTHING.

His only interest seemd to be wanting the name of the DJ friend I had mentioned knew him. AND HE WAS INTERESTED ONLY BECAUSE HE THOUGHT DJ MEANT DISTRICT JUSTICE. DJ is Disc Jockey.

So Ed from his office who has listened to the story and rec’d copies of the documents explaining the corruption and conspiracy and denial of rights, Ed calls to check on me. After doing nothing. Ed. I am homeless. Living out of bags. Sleeping on a couch. Crying almost every hour of the day. I am not OK. And you could have made a difference. YOU CHOSE NOT TO DO ANYTHING.



“I have three things to say to my children. First, Daddy loves you. Second, you are my three most favorite people in the world. And last, that you are to stick together no matter how old you get or how far apart you live. Because it is like Grandma always said. The only thing you really have in this world is your family.” – Tom Ball, June 2011

On Wednesday, June 15, 2011, Tom Ball found the courage to find peace. There are those who attack him further in blogs and comments on the story. Those who haven’t lived the struggle, they just don’t understand.

Man found on fire dies One has to wonder that a man who has endured 10 years of litigation and court appearances is unknown to the people at the courthouse.

Last statement sent to Sentinel from self-immolation victim After 10 years, try getting your thoughts together… when attacked from all sides…


No one helped him… WCVB Television. The characterization of him is oddly unfair. No one gives any credibility to his story. They don’t even check. That’s why he had to resort to the extreme. No one listened. No one cared. No one does. And should they find themselves in the same place, they will find there’s no one to help them either.

They destroyed a man… and they attack him still. At least he found peace and doesn’t have to suffer their attacks anymore.

I read the story on Tom Ball. I cried. I know he found peace. I know it was a painful decision.

The family courts are not about justice or truth. It is about prolonging pain and suffering. It is about destroying people. Destroying families.

My story is similarly tragic. I just don’t have the strength or ability to kill myself. So I stay alive another day to be further victimized.

I was in Rindge, NH last week. I went there to escape my nightmare away from the pain of the 5 years of my terroristic divorce. Away from everyone, the piles of legal paperwork, a life in disarray, supporters who can’t bear to see me face another painful day. No car. No internet. I escaped. I can only imagine that my path and Tom Ball’s may have crossed when I took a walk from the lake to the Walmart on 202. Had we met, I couldn’t have saved him, but he may have felt like someone understood. I find no satisfaction or comfort in knowing that there are others out there suffering. There is no strength in numbers of destroyed fathers. My pain only grows when I hear of the others.

On Wednesday morning, It was a beautiful day. As the sun was rising I was out in the middle of Lake Monomonac in a kayak asking myself why I should paddle back to shore. To return home to the shambles created by the Family Courts that never ends… never gets resolved… to return for more corruption and hate.

For Tom Ball it was a good day to die. I wish him peace…

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