June 10, 2011 @ 10:55AM
And why did you remove so much furniture and dishes etc… it could have been so easy… gie me the dishes and you take the electronics… again please have the car moved or I will have it.moved to the street. I need to be able to complete the repairs.

June 10, 2011 @ 11:47AM
Please make arrangements to have the.Malibu removed from the driveway.by Tuesday, June 14th. I am having the driveway sealed. If it is not moved I will have it moved to the street and my concern is if it is not registered you will be fined. You may find you can have it towed to a junk yard and they will pay you for the parts if you no longer want the car.

June 10, 2011 @ 11:48PM
When can I get in for my clothes?

June 10, 2011 @ 11:49AM
I will have them brought to your moms tmrow.

June 10, 2011 @ 11:52AM
The Malibu is marital property and remains to be split. Just because you dissipated assets doesn’t change that. I need my bedroom, and my office, you are operating on an invalid order. You admitted it to people.. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? WHAT DID I DO TO YOU TO CAUSE YOU TO BECOME SO HATEFUL?
June 10, 2011 @ 11:59AM
You asked the court to get involved. They never scheduled it. You didn’t follow the order, or any of the previous orders on property. I was told to vacate. Did you think I would leave everything? WHY ARE YOU SO DESTRUCTIVE AND ANGRY? I HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING TO DAMAGE YOU… YET YOU DON’T STOP DESTROYING.
June 10, 2011 @ 12:07PM
WHAT IS CAUSING YOU TO BE SO HATEFUL? How much is your impunity costing you? You got your personal things… several times. Your items were packed and stored in the garage for you to retrieve. You chose not to. Why are you not allowing me to get my things from the hosue?
June 10, 2011 @ 12:11 PM
When you know the divorce order is invalid, why are you spending so much effort on repairs? Youre really just creating more hostility. What is your motivation? Haven’t you done enough damage to our family?

June 10, 2011 @ 12:12PM
I will have ur.clothes deliverer tmrow…uwill get ur bedroom furniture after we meet with the master…… u had 30 days to get it out……

June 10, 2011 @ 12:17PM
One minute you complain about me taking something. The next you tell me I should have taken more. You really do twist things minute by minute. There will only be more court dates. Why? What is your motivation? Your impunity has a cost… why do you just prolong things and harass and terrorize me? Is it so important that you destroy everything we ever had? That’s so wrong… and sad.


The Court wanted you homeless. It just took them 4 years of litigation to issue the most blatantly illegal order of the docket. I AM HOMELESS NOW. Sleeping on a couch. My clothes locked in a house I must continue to pay for and ordered to vacate. Or has my wife destroyed my things… now that she has destroyed me even further.

I just walked crying into my mother’s kitchen and asked her to please take me to buy some clothes. I then broke down sobbing. She just hugged me.

She can’t even say things will be OK, or they will get better. She knows that is not true. She has seen it. Lived it with me.

They won’t stop until I am dead. Then this will turn on my children… who know the truth.

The risk of exposure is too great.


Everything is my fault.
Everything I do is wrong. Everything I don’t do is wrong.
No one helps. So only I am responsible for things that happen, or do not happen.

It is my fault that I am here for them to terrorize and destroy.
If I were to ‘not be here’ that would be my fault (and wrong) too.

And no one helps… no one ever helps…
the benefit of the doubt people don’t help…
the i need proof people won’t look at the proof…
the ‘that’s what he says’ people prefer to ignore what he says completely and stay uninvolved…

no one wants to read this site… i didn’t want to write it…
I wrote it because the information needed to be saved and available for myself…
they kill computers and drafts and files are lost…
they control phones and those who answer/respond can’t listen through this story…
each re-telling destroys more of my spirit…
So this site exists, for my benefit,
And the benefit of anyone who wants to wade gently into the story,
And that is my fault.

I persevere…
Resistance is futile…
Survival is futile…
The more I try to survive, the further victimized I become.


I am writing again to plead for help. What I am dealing with is absolute malice. It is unexplained. It has destroyed every aspect of my life since early 2007. The court has acted in violation of the law and no one cares. They permitted my wife to disobey EVERY court order. No exaggeration. I begged support from everyone who would help. They all disappeared. I have done nothing to hurt anyone in my entire life. Yet, I find myslf under attack.

I have no where to turn. Can someone help with a Federal Lawsuit against the judge’s for their mailicious acts against me? For their inexplicable impunity granted to my wife, and the harshest of penalties threatened and delivered against me.

The coverup related to the lawyer advising my wife to use computer and phone surveillance which destroyed my business, affected my clients, and destroyed my life. The lawyer manipulated everyone into misdeeds, and then threw them under the bus. Each time I have been further victimized.

This last event leaving me homeless based on a divorce decree which is invalid and cannot be appealed as it is not valid. So I am back at the same court, Trying to survive in their game…. with no choice but to follow the rules and the law which they are not accountable for. They do not follow these rules, and boldly attack and threaten me.

At the simplest level it is bullying beyond belief. At it worst it is terroristic, but a terrorist at least kills their victim.

They just want to torture me. They have done it for over 4 years. There is no sign they will stop. They haven’t stopped yet, and I have no choice but to try to live in the hostile environment they have created. I have lived in this fear for years, every day. Holding on to my sanity, but praying that a merciful god would take me from this nightmare.

Please Help. I beg. No one helps. I know this sounds dramatic. It isn’t being overstated here or on my web site. I assure you. I am experienceing extreme malice that can only end when exposed.


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