Valerie Angst sent Judge Carolyn Carluccio an ex parte letter and facsimile on May 2, 2011.

While not inappropriate, no attempt was made to get a copy to the Defendant before getting the letter to the Judge.

Interestingly, on May 3, I was at Court administration trying to determine the same question.

On May 3, Court Administration was unable to provide any document cancelling the hearing.

I asked them to contact the Judge to confirm.  The Judge refused to provide any paperwork order indicating the hearing was cancelled.  This meant I would have to appear at 9AM on Thursday May 5, 2011 prepared for whichever hearings were not cancelled. 

They were trying to fool me into a no show so they could cancel the petitions which had been delayed for close to a year already.  Did they really expect me to fall for that??? REALLY??? REALLY???

I rec’d the Angst letter on May 4.  The letter indicates they also were unaware of the schedule. 

I showed up for the hearing and was informed that there were no hearings scheduled.  A docket entry on May 4 indicates the Judge DID issue an order.  No one called me.  Peggy Reiter then proceeded to hand me her copy of the order which she had at her fingertips.  I left the Courtroom and went to Court Administration to close the loop on Tuesday’s visit.

My 78 year old mother and I were then surrounded by 7 security guards who informed us that if we had no business in the courthouse we should leave.  I showed them the order indicating there were to be hearings that day.  Staff in Court Administration confirmed my information. The Security Guards were puzzled.  Why did they get a report that I was there to threaten the judge?  And if there was an order to appear, why was the court staff indicating otherwise. 

I went to the prothonotary and filed the exhibits for one of the hearings escorted by 5 of the 7 guards.

Harassment and Intimidation by the judge and her staff has been a regular occurence… WHY?

The guards and I struck an agreement.  They knew I was no risk.  I knew they were doing their job.  I would gladly alert them to my presence anytime I had to do any further business at the courthouse.  Why would anyone allow the false allegations of a threat to continue?


Valerie Angst lied to her client and had her sign it. 

Docket# 2007-12477-45 paragraph 1

In the Response To Petition To Modify Custody and Counterpetition to Modify, Valerie writes as paragraph 1:

” Petitioner Terance Healy filed a Petition to Modify Custody on December 26, 2007, but did not serve a copy of the Petition on Respondent who was not aware of the Petition until receipt of the Scheduling Notice.”

The Petition was served upon Valerie Angst by Michael Kehs on December 26, 2007  as there was a Protection from Abuse Order protecting Terance Healy from his wife.  

The Certificate of Service was docketed on December 28, 2007.  (#2007-12477-43)

Valerie Angst would have been additionally been electronically notified of the docket entries.


The scheduling notice was docketed on February 5, 2008. (#2007-12477-44)


The RESPONSE AND COUNTERPETITION was not filed until 3/20/2008 (#2007-12477-45)… and opens with the first paragraph wrongly alleging that she never received the document.

By the time she gets to the fifth paragraph there is not a shred of truth to the response.  Just complete frivolous fabrications without any merit.  Why was she trying to prevent a father from seeing his son? 

She subsequently delayed the conference scheduled for March 25, 2008 without any notice to the Petitioner (Defendant).  Most likely because on March 22, 2008, her client burglarized and vandalized the Defendant’s home and poisoned his dog when she and about 20 others with 12 vehicles cleaned out the residence in violation of multiple court orders and agreements.

The Custody Hearing was delayed for years until days before my son turned 18.  I was prevented any relationship with my sons for years… then in August 2010, I found that secret order that Valerie Angst had Judge Rhonda Daniele sign which undermined every hearing in this case.    I still don’t see my children.  They are protecting their mother and don’t want to risk revealing what she has done to me because of her attorney’s bad directions.


Why did software called ULTRAVIEW which was identified as a virus / spyware / malware and detected and prevented by the anti-virus / anti=spyware programs become an acceptable program when it began to be marketed as WebWatcher in 2007?

The powerful stealthy program allows full remote control along with its suite of surveillance and obfusation abilities.

It is marketed openly. Way more powerful than any internet parenting type of program needs to be…. unless you want to not only protect your kids but control them completely.

And once you have been targeted and hit with it… it doesnt matter what you do. There is no escape. They control everything you can see or do online.

You’ll never be able to reset all your settings. They know every sign on. They know every password. To every internet account and bank account. They can filter your mail. They can make it seems like you are putting the filters in place. They know everythng you do when you do it… and can run interference like signing up at the forum where you post and distracting the forum from the question you ask.

When they control your computer and phone… there is no way to survive the attacks..

There is no escape. There is no software to prevent a reattack if you did clear the program.
And the hooks it installs to reinstall itself are everywhere on your computer.

So why did a marketing campaign make malware legit?


Pennsylvania Law indicates it is a crime if a person
– knowingly makes a false entry in, or false alteration of, any record, document or thing belonging to, received or kept by, the government for information or record, or required by law to be kept by others for information of the government.

– makes, presents or uses any record, document or thing knowing it to be false, and with intent that it be taken as a genuine part of information records referred to in paragraph (1) of the subsection.

– intentionally and unlawfully destroys, conceals, removes or otherwise impairs the verity or availability of any such record, document or thing.

Normally considered a misdemeanor, HOWEVER when the intent of the actor is to defraud or injure anyone, it is a felony.
Pa Crimes Code 4911

When Judge Carluccio pretended to review the docket and decided to cancel any hearing on support payments, she was covering up for the deletion of a document filed at the Prothonotary on July 23, 2007, and a duplicate filed at the same time with the Domestic Relations Office.

See the Full Page

The Domestic Relations Support web site mysteriously begins numbering my case at #2. The second entry is from when Angst & Angst filed for child support. This however happened weeks after I had filed for support to cover the household bills after the plaintiff abandoned the home in May 2007. BUT, the system no longer shows the first record.

When my documents were refiled in March 2010, (the 3rd entry) Domestic Relations indicated they could only seek arrears back to the date the document was filed in their office. The same office which lost the electronic record would only seek arrearages back to March 2010, not July 2007 unless there was a hearing and a Court Order.

PA Law indicates that support arrearages date back to the date the petition was filed. In this case, July 23, 2007. A hearing was requested on the issue.

BUT, Judge Carolyn Carluccio pretended to review the docket and decided to cancel the hearing which had been on Judge Bertin’s schedule but he recused, Judge Barrett’s schedule but he recused also. Judge Carluccio included the petition on her short list in January 2011 and scheduled a June 2011 hearing. Almost a full year from the date the petition was filed.

As I had been awarded $440/month and payments had begun in August 2010, the arrears dating back to March 2010 include 6 months that the Domestic Relations Office will pursue for me. However, without a court order indicating the 3 additional years of arrears, they are unable to help collect the 31 months of arrearages. Totalling $ 13,640. Just a small part of the total unenforced financial obligations of the plaintiff which were ordered by several judges.

Judge Carluccio failed to address this amount in her recent Order. She continued the impunity granted to the Plaintiff throughout the case. The Plaintiff has failed to follow any Court Order. Any petitions to request enforcement have been summarily dismissed by the judges without explanation. EVEN where the Judges have threatened the plaintiff with enforcement if she continued to refuse to to comply. IMPUNITY, WHY?

Judge Carluccio is covering up for the criminal actions of whoever tampered with the database and deleted the record. Anyone with any database background knows that even when a record is deleted from a database it leaves a trace, a spaceholder, an empty record. Databases do not recycle the unique record numbers assigned to the data. I would speculate that the identity of the person responsible for deleting the record is also stored with the trace data.

Judge Carluccio is also covering up for the intentional presentation of information known to be false, when Valerie Angst presented incorrect, grossly exaggerated and misleading information to the Support Master during a conference in September 2007.

The truth has had a very difficult time being heard in Norristown. Judge Carluccio is assuring it doesn’t happen.

Judge Carluccio is corrupt. She has intentionally and with full knowledge and malice continued to terrorize me and my family in order to prevent enforcement of court orders, pennsylvania law, and to conceal the identity of whoever caused the record to be deleted.

Judge Carluccio cancelled all hearings following the March 9th presentation of a counterpetition containing over ten counts of fraud, harassment and frivolous litigation filed by Angst & Angst on behalf of the Plaintiff. She knows exactly what she is concealing.

The lies in her own Orders cancelling the hearing indicate she had reviewed the docket… BUT the prothonotary file access card indicates she didn’t have the file checked out at the time in the weeks before or after her review. On May 9, 2011, the Prothonotary informed me that I may no longer have access to the document which indicates who accessed the file. Of Course not, the document indicates that someone isn’t telling the truth when she cancels hearings and prevents any evidence of the illegal actions between the Plaintiff, Court Admin, and the Judge’s. Judge Carluccio is corrupt and covering up for Judge Rhonda Daniele, Judge Thomas DelRicci, Judge Arthur Tilson, Judge Emanuel Bertin, Judge Patricia Coonahan, Judge Stephen Barrett and herself.

Judge Carluccio only had the file which holds the over 300 documents filed in this case on the following dates:
January 11, 2011 through January 18, 2011
March 23, 2011 through March 30, 2011
April 28, 2011 through unknown
(It was stil checked out as of May 9, 2011, when the unwritten Prothonotary Policy changed and the file access card became unavailable for review.)

2007-12477-210 Plaintiff filed Exceptions to APL

2007-12477-211 Defendant filed Emergency Appeal in Support

2007-12477-212 Cert of Service 211

2007-12477-219 Scheduling 210 Sept 22, 2010

2007-12477-220 Scheduling 211 Sept 22, 2010

2007-12477-236 Scheduling 211 October 5, 2010

2007-12477-238 Scheduling 210 October 5, 2010

2007-12477-246 Angst Continuance Granted ReScheduling 210 211 214 226 227 October 7, 2010

2007-12477-256 ORDER Continuing 210 211

2007-12477-275Q Scheduling 210 Jan 10, 2011

2007-12477-276Q Scheduling 211 Jan 10, 2011

2007-12477-282 ORDER Continuing 210 211 214 227 226 240 261

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