“Why would they listen to me if they won’t listen to you.?”

“On Friday, my mother called. They [FBI] said they do not get involved in computer, phone or civil rights issues. [Another friend] went in person. They told him they DO get involved in computer, phone and civil rights issues. BUT they told him I never made any reports ever. They told him they would leave his name out of everything as a courtesy. They would listen to you because everyone can’t be called crazy.”

“I need to think about it.”

“Why would they cover anything up? It makes no sense. There is no motivation to do so.”

“[I believe] Retired FBI Agents (aka Foresight Investigations) have somehow prevented FBI from ever investigating. I was there in Fort Washington one time. And Philly twice. How can there be no record of the complaint? Now a matter for their internal affairs.”

“I will think it over and let you know”

“I understand. I know it is a huge leap of faith. Trust me. Believe in me. Follow your heart.”

“I believe that you believe. What makes no sense is why ALL these people (courts, cops, FBI) would put their careers in jeopardy to hurt you? You have no power to do anything to anyone so what could be their motivation to risk their own livlihood to take you out?”

“[I believe] The PI is former FBI trying to avoid prosecution… suggestion is that they have impersonated FBI and used FBI tools and tactics… which I was able to discover.
Why is FBI saying i was never there?
Why is FBI telling my mother the opposite story from [that friend]?
Why has nothing been done in four years?
What is my motivation? Survival. They are covering up everything.
Why have they been so unfair and unjust? Spite isn’t justice.”

” You don’t have to tell me what you do. Law Enforcement Overview is on the web. Others have gotten through to FBI. Anything you do will definitely add support to the story. Your motivation to help is pure. Think on it and act as you believe. I trust you. I would never demand action from you.
I would beg though. please please please. I do trust you.”

“They fear exposure of what they have all done together to cover for Valerie Angst and the PI. It would end their careers.”

“So why would they do it in the first place? They aren’t that stupid.”

TXT’D TO ANOTHER FRIEND [“Bluetooth was enabled on my phone duiring the last 5 minutes. While texting a friend about help.”]

“Her lawyer IS that stupid. It is her first divorce. Her lawyer told her to install the software… not realizing I knew enough to detect/reveal it. I have absolute proof it was installed. Everything since has been to harass emotionally, financially, professionally, etc. Their motive all along has been to cover up that act… It affected Rita [Coolidge], Justin [Guarini], and 100’s of other customers at the hosting company [NOTRIO]. I have over 200 trouble tickets which relate to the intrusion. I’ve got evidence by the boxload.”

“And you’ve shown all that evidence to the FBI & they still refuse to investigate?”

“I don’t want to envelope you into it, but if you like I will show you any proof you want to see. Challenge anything, but give me the opportunity to show you. I have not jumped to any conclusion. And I could never have made it up.”

“Have you shown them the evidence of the hacking?”
“So you took them the evidence and they wouldnt even look at it?”

“FBI has taken complaints and NEVER investigated or looked at anything. Isn’t that a bit strange?? The PI likely worked at Fort Washington and they are covering it up from there. I’ll show you anything you want to see. Computers, screenshots, phone bills, psych paperwork saying Sonya did it.”

“They never come to see anything. County Detectives saw my suitcase full of hard disks and paperwork… then stopped everything because of the robbery… which reveals they knew of the secret order… AND stopped investigating everything.”

“They only kept the pic of the former cop robbing the house, Started there and then ended ANY investigation of everything. BECAUSE THEY THEN LEARNED OF THE SECRET ORDER… They never explained to me. the coverup continued. I can show you the emails of them stopping.”

“I can back up every statement with documentation. Its why they can;t bring me in or shut down the site. It would only serve to prove my case. Everything came to an abrupt end when I got alot of the proof into that counterpetition.”

“What did Peter say about the secret order?”

“I could see he was interested in it. He read that part carefully. He was also smart enough to recognize no lawyer can fight against this and have a career. A truth I accept. He helped with other advice… in a very general way. He read the case backwards though and indicated they did this because I was a dick (me paraphrasing) but i didn’t accuse anyone until the end after they ruled in violation of law and civil procedure.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“How fast do you think I can type? LOL”

“He did not address any one issue directly. General advice only. What I had expected. He wasn’t going to indicate something to do when he wouldn’t do it himself. A career move. They [Lawyers] all talk and know each other. They fear the wrath of Judge Daniele.”

A while later…
“BTW in the middle of the exchange BLUETOOTH became enabled on my phone. Not by any type by me. Bluetooth technology is behind much of the intrusion and surveillance. Not doing anything illegal so their attempts to set me up failed… and if they tried under false pretense, my defense would include my evidence. SO… they resort to violating my rights via procedural ‘errors’.
You pulled me out of the depths and probably thoguht you were being tough on me. Believe in me,. I won’t disappoint you or embarass you. I am the good guy.”

[This post includes statements regarding people and companies that I believe are involved after reasonable research. They have yet to be charged or prosecuted. As such, the statements represent my belief of their involvement in the actions against me.]

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