While the surveillance of computers and phones is undeniable… the ability to tell who is behind it is more difficult to discern.

It all started with a person, my ex-wife, who was advised by her attorney to get a secret phone to plan her divorce without being detected and to install some software illegally on my computers. Once detected, and proven, the level of surveillance and intrusion changed.

It seemed that Awareness Technologies was using me as their R&D Department seeing how I was discovering and trying to survive the intrusion. Their own staff confirmed the techniques used to stealth install, when I shared how I was able to detect their program. They then fired that person a few days later. Why?

Then came the Private Investigators. Never sure when they are being hired for surveillance, or harassment. I believe they came on board as late as the last week of July 2007… and have been part of the shell game of surveillance/harassment ever since.

Once detected and further proven, Police were notified and have done NOTHING. Why is that?
The officer took a report in mid-July 2007. He indicated there was nothing they could do. THEN for some reason returned to my house to follow up, after working a full overnight shift, the week after his dog died, at the direction of the Chief (who incidentally was in Alaska on vacation, “it takes a good memory to be a liar”) arrived at my home to investigate and as I told him the experience of the last 2 weeks since the initial report, he was directed by someone back at the station to act against me. Instructed to victimize the victim. Why?

After that Police did nothing to investigate. Why would that be?

After that County Detective Ray Kuter never returned calls regarding the intrusion. Why would that be?

After that anyone could commit any number of crimes against me and nothing would happen to them.

A group of 20 or so people could burglarize my home in broad daylight in violation of several Court orders, and the Police when called by neighbors would permit the event to occur. Why?

When I reported the even to Police they would still do nothing, even though the rental truck was parked within direct view of the Chief of Police’s office.

When the computer and phone hack was reported to FBI, and they assigned Rose to investigate. I never met her. I never saw her. When I called the FBI to contact her after losing her phone number, they tell me she does not exist. I find her number and suggest that ‘she buy donuts for the people in her office because they do not know her.” I never hear from her again. Why would the FBI stop investigating at that point? Why wouldn’t the FBI investigate the person apparently impersonating an FBI agent?

As I notice the data on my computer is streaming to Utah, I also notice it seems to be streaming to a building which shares a parking lot with the FBI. Coincidence? As I have anticipated they are investigating ME for some reason, and also know they could place anything they like on my computer to incriminate me. I write a note to ‘whoever’ that they are welcome to come review every hard disk I have ever owned for whatever they are looking for. The stream to Utah stops.

The County now gets ‘involved’ and feigns an investigation which takes place entirely via email with Lt Peffall. No phone, no meetings. No review of any tangible evidence. AND while this ‘investigation’ is occurring, ex wife and company cause my identity theft and repeatedly hack my web site. They didn’t realize I was watching them watch me. Web Statistics are very useful. And when you go in to hide your previous tracks, it’s not too bright to just delete the offenders. Because when compared with backups, the missing entries are those responsible, or involved. Lt Peffall did nothing. Why?

You may recall it was the Montgomery County Detectives who suggested to Lower Merion School District how they could approach their laptop disappearance by using illegally installed stealth surveillance software. Turned out they had thousands of pictures from stealth activated cameras on the children’s laptops undoubtedly recording all kinds of activities which occurs in any room or bedroom.

In March 2008, County Detective D’Angelo invited me then to bring the evidence to him in Norristown. I do so… BUT as they had just burglarized my home in violation of several court orders he is distracted by that and decides to focus on a former township police officer who took part in the burglary. He then does NOTHING? Why did the occurrence of a Burglary cancel the investigation of the computer and phone intrusions?

Why did Judge DelRicci decide to recuse himself after 3 months of not scheduling ANYTHING… on the same day I was printing a 25 page request for his recusal documenting all of the reasons and citations regarding his behavior on the case?
How did he know there was a recusal request about to be printed? Which couldn’t be printed (or saved) until after his letter making it a moot point was received.

Why did computers regularly fail upon receipt of voluminous and false allegations included in 60+ page petitions from Angst & Angst? Twice they served up the same petition and both times the computers were disabled. One had it’s BIOS fried, the other became unusable. In a twist of fate, the computer I borrowed had been used by my sister-in-law to see what my ex-wife was seeing. The borrowed computer still had the traces from their shared review of surveillance data.

Why did the County have a meeting with their insurance company regarding my site after I found the secret order? Yes, both the County and the St Paul based insurance company seemed to be checking the same pages on my site at the same time one day. Did they decide to do the right thing? OR did they decide to further harass me? Delay any hearings and further destroy me financially and emotionally. No full hearing on any issue has been heard since then. Judge Bertin recused. Judge Barrett recused. And Judge Carluccio swept everything under the “docket”.

Still wondering who is doing the surveillance at any given time. It has been a shell game. FBI has no reason to look at me for 4 years. Perhaps they did peek while investigating my reports. BUT as they can’t tell me they are investigating without revealing the investigation to the criminals who have control of computers and phones. That may be why they apparently have done nothing yet? or have they?

County Detectives never explained why they wouldn’t get involved. but they never doubted I was experiencing the intrusion. None of the clues were ever challenged. Just ignored. Why? And it seems someone at the County has been watching the web site closely. Not everything is on the site. it would be stupid to put all the information here, because they would then know what they needed to cover up.

Local Police have never explained why they have failed to respond to anything since August 2007. But for some reason they are frequent visitors to the web site to see what is going on. Why?

The Department of Homeland Security checks the site on occasion. I do not know why.

My ex-wife checks everyday from her office. She reads at least 2 pages everyday. Why?

So in the shell game of surveillance, I can never really know for sure if it is my ex-wife, the private investigator, the local police, the county detectives, the FBI, or Homeland Security watching my computers and phones and intruding into my life. I try to survive the onslaught, but have to wonder what on earth do they think I am doing that would warrant such attention. And WHY WOULD ALL OF THESE JUDGES ACT IN VIOLATION OF STATE AND FEDERAL LAW AND PROCEDURE AGAINST ME?

It makes no sense. Victimize the victim. You have to wonder how anyone could survive the constant terror they have inflicted and continue to inflict. I have aloud why I have survived…. this is not the first time they have done this to someone. It’s far to organized for that. The tactics are solid. Why destroy people? To protect one attorney who told her client to commit a crime? Or perhaps to protect all of the people in authority that the attorney tricked into liability and then further blackmailed to prevent her prosecution.

It’s not about divorce. It’s about covering up a crime.

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