So after several years where the Court has failed to enforce any Court Order against her…
February 2010 – My teeth are cracking in half and falling out from the stress. There are many days where I am unable to eat or sleep from the pain. I try to obtain my insurance cards, which they have failed to provide after 3 years and constant reminders.

August 2010 – I file a petition… and while I wait for the hearing.

I have all of the exhibits prepared…

All of my information is accurate…

I find and expose the source of their “Impunity”…

And I wait for the hearing… TO ENFORCE THE EXISTING COURT ORDER.

August 2010 – Judge Coonahan said it was not an Emergency, and we waited for Judge Bertin to return.

September 2010 – When Judge Bertin recused himself after the “Secret Order” by Judge Daniele was discovered.

November 2010 – When Judge Barrett recused himself after being extremely disrespectful, not permitting me to speak and scheduling the petitions 6 months out on his schedule.

January 2011 – Judge Carluccio automatically continues all hearings until June 2011.

February 2011 – Judge Carluccio is tricked into rushing a hearing to evict me from the house. But to everyone’s surprise I was able to respond to the allegations AND file a counterpetition. The Counterpetition includes a great deal of the terror I have been subjected to during the last 4 years. The Rushed Hearing backfires… The COunterpetition provides the opportunity to be heard.

March 2011 – Judge Carluccio has an Emergency Hearing with limited time and refuses to hear any evidence or permit the presentation of the Counterpetition. She takes the matter under advisement… further issuing two orders completely unrelated to the petitions she was hearing.

Judge Carluccio then issues an order moving the Equitable Distribution Hearing up to March 29, 2011.

The Outstanding Petitions deal with financial considerations which could affect Equitable Distribution. After Equitable Distribution it is impossible to address any financial issues any further. That’s the law. Nothing after Equitable Distribution.

The Judge begins the Equitable Distribution Hearing indicating that we are ONLY there for E.D.

I present the concern about Equitable Distribution only occuring after all financial considerations have been addresses.
The Judge repeatedly assures me the other Hearings will take place. I trust her.

Whenever the topic could be affected by the pending hearings, I call it to the Judge’s attention and am reassured that the hearings will occur, and it would not be appropriate to discuss the issue at that time. I trust her.

Then a few weeks later, the Judge issues an order incorrectly indicating the matters are resolved. HOW CAN THAT BE WHEN THERE WERE NO HEARING? WHEN SHE DOES NOT HAVE THE INFORMATION TO MAKE ANY INFORMED DECISION.

The issue is raised to the Judge, and she refuses to reconsider.

Judge Carluccio has cleared the docket without any explanation, or facts to support her determinations, or laws and procedures to justify her actions.

Appeal?? How? You can’t appeal what has not been decided. Judge DelRicci used the same tactic in 2007/2008 to prevent custody hearings.

Oddly, the issues cleared by the Judge are only the Petitions filed by myself. None of the Angst & Angst petitons, counter petitions and new matters have been withdrawn by themselves, or cancelled by the Judge. The Judge’s order specifically refers to ONLY my filings.

The cancellation of the hearings is NOT DOCUMENTED ANYWHERE on the Docket. So According to the Docket, the hearings are still on. I bring that to the attention of Court Administration. They contact the Judge. They tell me the judge does not have Healy v Healy on her schedule.

I request it in writing. That request is refused by the Judge.

There is no escape from this nightmare. And no one helps. Five Years of terror and harassment from which there is no escape. Every day it continues. I beg, I plead, I survive each day further destroyed and humiliated by what they are doing to me AND NO ONE HELPS.

Five years where not one person in a position to help can explain their inaction. While I try to persevere against the odds. The Truth is on this web site. The truth is on my side. It sustains me… and scares them to think I might be heard someday.

Victimized each day. The more I do to survive and expose their actions, the more they cover up. I cry. This is no life.

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