The following are the people who breifly came into my life and then disappeared… When they needed help, I did what I could. A meal, a place to sleep, a place to do laundry… I needed some sort of social contact… someone to talk to… someone to break up the lonliness.

Several disappeared after I told a completely fabricated story about them on my telephone. But how could me telling someone in another city something about a person they never met cause a person to disappear for 6-10 months? and then for them to never speak to me again? Without explanation.

Not including last names… or listing in any particular order. The interconnections between these people indicate they worked in teams, though not listing the teams here. The sad part is that I think they were all people who realized they were hurting me, that I didn’t deserve it, and that wanted to do the right thing but were prevented from doing so. If they revealed themselves to me they would face consequences. That’s why several disappeared.

They did all have a few things in common, which when dealing with this many people becomes interesting. All Unemployed. Related to someone in law enforcement, or former law enforcement. All came with the lastest gadgets to access the network, even when asked not to do so. There are about 15 other characteristics which link them all. And they have all disappeared without explanation.

Ron, Chris, Collin, Andy, Ryan, Brian, Dan, Darren, Don, Frank, Glenn, Bobby, Jack, Jay, John, Kevin, Luke, Matt, Jaye, Mike, Nicky, Rich, Ryan, Sean, Tracy, Will, Wally, Derrick, Rick, Justin, Jim, Antoine, Noah… The chart linking everyone with solid and dotted lines is a real eye opener.

Part of the group were connected somehow to a private investigator in Doylestown. The others all seemed to have had minor run ins with the law in Montgomery County.

The first time I met Ron, I connected him to the private investigation company. I never told him. I still have his web site tracking history. When I searched the people and locations, it revealed the company name. I still have the paper with my notes of the searches. After being a close friend for almost a year, he disappeared just days after I made up a story about an argument that got violent. It never happened. But he disappeared.

Andy disappeared after I told my friend he confessed when I caught him switching my phone with a cloned phone. the phone was cloned. The plastic cover was somehow back on the screen too. Andy was gone for over 10 months. He resurfaced and hasn’t spoken to me.

Collin disappeared when oddly someone told him i was eveavesdropping on his phone call. As I was inside upstairs, and he was outside laying by the pool, how did the person on the phone with him know I was listening and tell him. His reaction indicated that was what happened. When asked about it, he indicated it was time to leave… and he was gone.

Jaye was here when I found proof of the original Sept 2007 plan to use fraud to throw me out of the house. I showed it to him. He left to feed his dog. While he was gone I made a phone call and made up a story about him apologizing for his actions and confessing what he was up to. He never came back. Never called again.

Somehow me making up stories about these friends and telling it to someone whom they have never met has caused them to disappear. How could that be happening? How could it happen multiple times?

Matt was someone who I wanted to meet when I heard about him. He was created by the informanbt program. He hated seeing what it was doing to people. His history has plenty of similar parallels to mine. We talked quite a bit. he never confessed to anything specific. BUT everything we talked about could be heard as an indictment of the confidential ionformant program and what it does to the people who become trapped in it. It seemed these people were cultivated by law enforcement to stay in their program.

FYI: If a Confidential Informant reveals himself to anyone, he faces the original sentence which he avoided by entering the confidential informant program. No discussions, No hearings, they go right to jail. That explains the disappearance.
I suppose if they ended up in jail because of something I made up, that might make them not want to speak to me again… and also make it very difficult to explain to me if they did show up again.

I never did what I did out of malice. If they hadn’t been being used to set me up, then they never would have faced those consequences. And my fib, would never have meant anything. I stopped making up the confession stories after the 4th one disappeared. It was confirmation enough for me.

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