All day running back and forth to the house for fear it would begin flooding because of the electric being turned off.

I contact PECO and find she gave me bad information about the bill payment. They indicate that the payments were not made today as Sonya had indicated. They are able to confirm that the service is secheduled to be restored, but unable to confirm if it will make the top of their technician’s list by 8PM tonight. The end of the shift.

While at the house, I receive another package from Angst & Angst. A filing with the Court for a hearing on the property issues which were were ordered to handle. There was no contact from Sonya or her lawyers regarding property. As usual, they go to the court first and then pretend they had to do so. This has been their standard course of action since November 2007. There is never any attempt to resolve any issue prior to involving the court.

And as the court has NEVER held Sonya accountable for any actions, granted her complete impunity regarding EVERYTHING, and the court has unconstitutionally cancelled all of the enforcement hearings I had filed since August 2010. What is the point?

So I receive a text message from her as follows:
“Do you want to try just the 2 of us to agree on the items in the house? ”

THIS COMES AFTER SHE HAS ALREADY INVOLVED HER ATTORNEY, AND THE COURT. But perhaps she doesn;t realize I picked up the mail today. Her lawyer had already mailed the latest action.

The madness that she creates defies any logic or reason. For 5 years she has filed multiple actions regarding property even though it had been ordered in September 2007. She burglarized the house in violation of court orders. She has failed to anknowledge any of the items she has removed from the house. She cannot recall anything removed from the house at any time. She has misrepresented the items in the house at every turn referring to an extensive spreadsheet.

What could possibly come from meeting with her? And why does it get proposed AFTER she has filed with the court? Because once again, they are setting it up for me to appear unreasonable. She and her lawyer misrepresent everything.

I replied:
“How could I trust you to try anything when you have already gone and filed with the court. The Order indicated one thing, you jumped the gun. As such, how could anyone trust you?”

“Stop the lies. I have begun to prep the house for sale, while dealing with your lawyers letter misphrasing the Court Orders to create more confusion. What is wrong with you? When will you ever let anything get resolved?”

I am so tired of this madness… but they never stop. Computer was hacked as I rec’d the Order last week. It had to be rebuilt. I’ve been forced out of the house with no electric, sleeping on a couch, worrying about everything being destroyed in the basement. Her stuff being in the garage for the last 2 years from when she failed to follow Judge Bertin’s Order. Her items are not at risk of being destroyed. It is only the house foundation, the heater, the air conditioner, the electric junction box, the walls and furniture … and the children’s items which she also litigated, received an Order and then failed to act upon.

Of course she failed to act, she planned to reoccupy the house through any of her fraudulent petitions. When I pointed out the extensive violations of civil rights, the conspiracy and the corruption, that failed on them again. So, the judge gave her everything in a rushed Divorce Decree and Order for Equitable Distribution. It gives her EVERYTHING. Equitable? Not by a longshot.

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