While dealing with the Judge’s Order from last week. A new hurdle – even higher to scale. The complete cancellation of all hearings. And Judge Carluccio neglecting to deal with any of the issues from the cancelled hearings (though her order indicated she would deal with them in her final order).

The computer was attacked and crashed and has not worked since last Thursday (when I received the Order). I get a laptop from a friend, finish rebuilding my computer so I will be able to work again.
Just as I prepare to face the paperwork for an appeal. The electric is shut off.

I gather my emotions, some clothes, toothbrush, etc and leave for my mother’s. It never ends. They steal my time in every way possible.

I notify my ex-wife by text message that the power is off at the house.
11:55AM “Electricity has been shut off at the house. When will you be satisfied with the destruction you have caused?”


AT 7:21PM, ex-wife calls my cell phone. I do not answer. We have not spoken in 3 years. What’s the point?

I reply by txt message. My responses are italicized.
8:05PM “I really do not wish to speak with you ever again. You have destroyed everything and everyone… and why? for what? did you win? and if you think so look at the cost.”

8:07PM “Peco will not accept payment until tmrow. I do not know when they will turn the service back on. Can you get a generator in to run the wimp pump until electric is back on.”

8:12PM “PECO takes up to 72 hours after payment to turn electric back on. I have no generator. I have no money for a generator. You may tell PECO the breaker has been put in the off position as that is required for service to be resumed.”

8:16PM “Do u think the basement will flood in the next 2 days? I could call an emergency service to come in with a generator tonight. Would you let them in?

8:22PM “I don’t control the weather… and I am not at the house… THERE IS NO ELECTRICITY. The house has been secured. I don’t have a way there until tomorrow. Its been a long emotional day for everyone. Why would you wait until 8 oclock to think about solutions.”

8:25PM “I will come get the key from you. I called PECO at 5:15 when out of a meeting and have been talking to people on what can be done. We can call EDS it Servepro”

8:26PM “No.”

8:37PM “There are noise ordinances. [the neighbors] will shut down any generator. Tell PECO to turn it on. The house circuit breaker is prepped. Off position. I was just there at 7 and there was no water rising.”

8:55PM “Peco won’t turn on tonight.. What time and when will u be back at the house? Can I have the company with generator mewet you then especially if Peco will not turn on for 72 hours?”

8:57PM “Or what if you put in a battery operated sump pump in. I will buy it.”

9:00PM “PECO has been able to respond same day before. Only at Thanksgiving did they take 4 days. Stop alarming everyone [she was calling other family members to stir the pot] . There is nothing which can be done tonight. I will txt you in the morning when I get over and let you know. FYI… your things have been in the garage since September 2009 Court Order.” [In Sept 2009, after a several day court battle where Judge Bertin Ordered a day for her to come retrieve items from the house. She refused to show up, cancelling at the last minute.]

9:00PM “I could buy at Home Depot now…”

9:05PM “No… you cannot run a generator tonight anyway. I will let you know in the morning. Now stop the texting. You were supposed to be paying that bill for years. Why are you only worried now? [{Enforcement of the Court Order for her to pay this bill was one of the cancelled petitions.]

9:05PM “Even you said they take 72 hours to turn back on. I think we shoudl take care of tonight but it is in your ccontrol. Let me know what you want done. I will call and beg Peco tomorrow morning.”

9:08PM PECO does not respond to begging. They do their job. They do not care about circumstances. This has happened numerous times. Call them first thing. That may be 7. Tell them the breaker is set. THAT IS IMPORTANT TO THEM. I will advise you when service is returned. good night.”

9:11PM “Battery operated pump is not an option… how would you install it… IN THE DARK? THERE’S NO POWER TO LIGHT THE BASEMENT TO INSTALL IT. Relax. It is out of anyones control.” Good night.”

THEN AT 9:05 AM the next morning… she txt’s
“Peco bill is paid. Service is to be restored in 24 to 72 hours. That is the best they could do. Please get a generator there or battery sump pump if not restored by the end of today or earlier if there are water problems.”

SUDDENLY ALL OF HER SOLUTIONS BECOME MY ACTIVITIES. They are trying to keep me from getting the Appeal filed in a timely manner. Occupying as much of my time as possible. There are so many solid reasons for appeal, there only hope is that I don’t get it filed. They killed the computer, Stole days of my time trying to recover it, and the documents and evidence of surveillance/remote control on it. Just as the pc was booting, the power was cut and I lost the day.

Now she tries to steal another day running in circles to resolve a problem SHE created because she didn’t follow a Court Order. Whenever she doesn;t follow a Court Order there are no repercussions. No accountability. No penalties. She has impunity. I don’t. And they will get court time based on anything… but their last court appearance had that counterpetition which has been ignored. BECAUSE IT CLEARLY DEMONSTRATED THE COURT’S CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AND THE CORRUPTION AND CONSPIRACY OF THE LAST 4 YEARS. They do not want that hearing to ever happen. They don;t want me to take the stand again. It would allow me to get the evidence into consideration. Cancelling all hearings prevents that.

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