During the Custody Short List hearing, Judge Bertin began the hearing questioning whether I believed I was the biological father of my son. I indicated “YES” but thought it was probably the most unexpected question at the time. After pursuing a custody hearing for 2 years, OF COURSE I WAS HIS FATHER. RIGHT?

My mother and brother thought the judge’s question odd. Given that there has been an overwhelming volume of ex parte communication between my wife, her attorneys and the judges, was Judge Bertin trying to hint at something?

So the question remains… and I am in no way turning my back on my son… I paid the child support for the 2 years. (Child Support was used as a weapon. They pursued child support though her lawyer’s fees were considerably greater than the support awarded and paid.) I tried to maintain contact. But I have had no relationship with my son since July 13, 2007 when he was picked up by his mother never to return home or respond to any phone call. My son has never explained. Both of my sons have never explained.

PERHAPS… if I am not his biological father… could his father be my brother Brian? Brian has been a total ass regarding everything since the divorce started. He has indicated early on he was aware of the surveillance, and did nothing to help. He has constantly lobbied against anyone offering me any support. He has been in constant contact with Sonya. He lies and denies the contact, but phone records indicate otherwise.

So is Brian the biological father of my son? Is he afraid of what it would do to HIS family if that information was revealed? Is that why he has been so actively working against me at every turn? Because if that were to be revealed, then HE would be facing his own divorce. Could the potential of him losing 50% of everything and throwing his family into turmoil be his reason for his actions?

Brian has never explained his actions. And everyone has wondered why. Could it be that Brian is Brennan’s biological father? Or could THAT just be another lie secretly told to the Judge’s to prevent custody from being awarded? or prevent any custody hearing from happening?

I’ve never turned my back on my children. They disappeared without any explanation, discussion or argument. Why?

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