Inquirer Judicial Candidate Questionnaire
Name: Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio
Post: Judge of the Court of Common Pleas,
Montgomery County

1. Why are you qualified and well-suited to serve as a judge on the court for which you are running?
My decades of experience working in the criminal and civil courts on a Federal, State and local level, together with my reputation for fairness demonstrate that I am capable of “outstanding service” as a Judge in the Court of Common Pleas. My passion for public service and love for the community make me perfect for the role of a judge.

2. Did you receive a rating of “recommended” or higher from the state or local bar association? If not, why not?
I received a rating of “Highly Recommended” from the Montgomery Bar Association Judiciary committee.

3. If you are an incumbent judge, what’s a recent instance in which you acted to preserve your judicial independence?
If you are an aspiring judge, how do you plan to remain independent if elected to the bench? I came to learn the importance of judicial independence when I was chosen to represent the United States Attorney in Washington, DC on ethics matters. If elected I will render decisions on their own merits, free from political pressure or popular sentiment. All arguments will be conducted with both parties present and ex-parte communication will not be

4. A number of Pennsylvania judges have been sanctioned for campaign activities, ex parte dealings, and other alleged misconduct. How can the state’s judiciary prevent discipline scandals of the type seen recently?
The state judiciary should have an independent review board to review all allegations of misconduct and impose a series of sanctions appropriate to the misconduct such as suspension without pay, removal from the bench and/or forfeit their pension.

5. If you believe that gender, racial, ethnic, class or other forms of bias can infect the justice system, how will you work to keep your courtroom as bias-free as possible? I will carry forward the practice I have always followed of fighting bias and discrimination, which is why I was chosen as a leader in the diversity committee. In my courtroom everyone, regardless of race, class, gender and ethnic background will be treated fairly, professionally and in accordance with the law.

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