WPVI Channel 6’s Matt O’Donnell reported this morning on cell phone spyware. The story included the things I had provided them in a document in January 2008. Do they remember that? The clues to determining the spyware may be present were right from my list. AND THERE’S NO WAY TO PREVENT IT. STILL???

And I guess we just accept that VERIZON and the other phone providers have done nothing in 3 years to protect their consumers from these types of hacks.

While companies like Awareness Technologies continue to advertise how they can spy on and remote control all of the new devices from computers to phones to hand helds. They can give you the tools to violate anyones privacy without any fear of how their programs are misused by the general public. How about when a private investigator uses it against you to set you up, and destroy your life.

AND NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING TO STOP IT. And everyone accepts it. Even the news doesn’t question why nothing has been done about the problem.

Look at the damage that a tech intrusion can do to a person, family society… read thru my site.
Then look at the Spoofcard which lets you change your caller id and voice when you call or text someone. It costs pennies per call. And can be used to harass.

Or make someone believe they are getting mean spirited text messages from their father. When they aren’t. And when the father posts his real text nmessages on a web site… the lawyers file to shut the site down… It doesn’t matter that they are violating the First Amendment. They will try to have the court make a mistake. Like issuing an Order which violates your First Amendment Rights. Then they will try to enforce the Court’s Unconstitutional Order. And attack and attack and attack…

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